Dee Brings Pie!

Allan has the sweetest coworker out in Nevada. Her name is Dee and she went above and beyond helping and supporting us in our move out to Nevada. She made sure the townhouse was fully furnished with the things our family would need and she also went to the store to buy some groceries to get us through the first few days in town! Remember the store is an hour and a half away!!

She also came over the first day we were in town to see how we were doing. And then a couple days later she came over and brought us this homemade pie straight from the local farmer’s market. She is one of those people who is truly such a gift to the world πŸ™‚  photo 475eresized_zpsf9f2b372.jpg photo 480eresized_zps4ed97fc0.jpg photo 486eresized_zps68f825df.jpg

She wasn’t aware that Payson can’t have gluten. I didn’t have any other treat in the house to give to Payson while the rest of us had pie so I scraped the filling out onto a plate for him. The lovely thing about Payson is that he is totally fine with that. He isn’t picky and takes what he can get without feeling sad that he can’t have the entire thing πŸ™‚  photo 495eresized_zps44419068.jpg photo 511eresized_zpsbb30b17d.jpg photo 514eresized_zps9deef545.jpg

Later that day I spotted Ember writing in my notebook. I buy new notebooks fairly often because I frequently find pages and pages and pages filled with Ember’s scrawling lines. She pretends that she’s writing lists or stories or song lyrics or whatever else crosses her mind. I could probably stop her but I don’t want to imagine a world where I open my notebook and don’t find her squiggly lines filling the spaces around my written words!  photo 437eresized_zpsa98f69f4.jpg photo 441eresized_zpsd0cbeb92.jpg

I don’t remember what she was telling me but… she’s cute.  photo 450eresized_zps870853ef.jpg photo 456eresized_zpsae00d9fb.jpg

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