Around the Townhouse the First Day in Nevada

Games together.  photo 700eresized_zps4379a0f2.jpg

Being so cranky.  photo 716eresized_zpse94de74f.jpg

Folding laundry while Everett naps.  photo 720eresized_zps38492948.jpg

For that first day we lived in Nevada I had to stay in the room the whole time Everett napped because we didn’t have a bed for him. He won’t fall asleep anywhere besides an actual bed but I couldn’t leave him sleeping on a regular bed since he’d roll off so I got to just sit there and bum around the bedroom for an hour or so a couple times a day.  photo 722eresized_zps7a654983.jpg photo 723e2resized_zpsdcc1c2b9.jpg

Cartoons!  photo 729eresized_zpsb887e98d.jpg

Coloring, coloring, coloring. My kids LOVE to color!  photo 737eresized_zps213c6ecc.jpg

I sat with Everett on the couch for a while. Sometimes when he’s his crankiest I just move him from place to place. Literally I just sit him in new places for like five or ten minutes.  photo 741eresized_zpse51f58ca.jpg

Then I breastfed him and he fell asleep and stayed asleep. Since I don’t have a crib for him I just sat holding him on the couch for his nap. It was so sweet. I don’t get to hold him while he sleeps very much at all anymore.  photo 748eresized_zps76542a09.jpg photo 761eresized_zpsd7304ea5.jpg photo 773eresized_zps99f7cdc1.jpg

We went and got Brooke from school and when we got home I took a picture in front of our new home.  photo 788eresized_zps37e5492b.jpg photo 790eresized_zps5d03934e.jpg photo 793ecropresized_zps397da1a7.jpg photo 797eresized_zps3461d754.jpg photo 804eresized_zpse02cb699.jpg photo 810eresized_zps0b7612dd.jpg

That night we drove over to the closest normal sized town (with stores!) two hours away. We desperately needed some stuff for our new Nevada life. Most especially a crib for Everett! We ended up spending $500 at Wal-Mart. We got some air mattresses, a fan (for noise while the kids sleep), Everett’s pack and play, and a bunch of other stuff like that. Not fun ways to spend money but necessary.

Before Wal-Mart we stopped at Denny’s for dinner.  photo 827eresized_zpsa0e6a7f7.jpg

After all the craziness of our life the last few months it was nice to sit down to a dinner at a restaurant together and just hang out and laugh and have a good time.  photo 832eresized_zps9634fd44.jpg photo 839eresized_zps947d9ea6.jpg

It was so beautiful out that evening. The sunset and weather were amazing and life felt really awesome.  photo 844eresized_zps67c9b55d.jpg photo 848eresized_zps7a6987a7.jpg

I think these shots are virtually SOOC!  photo 856eresized_zps9b1060ca.jpg photo 861eresized_zpsb5bb7ad2.jpg photo 865bwresized_zps0512f498.jpg photo 868bwresized_zps84121f12.jpg

This is literally what the sky looked like! It was the most intense color I’ve ever seen in real life!  photo 869eresized_zpsb48d891c.jpg

At Wal-Mart Allan wore Everett. That was a relief on me!  photo 885eresized_zpse93a8cc4.jpg photo 888eresized_zps3e7bffcf.jpg photo 891eresized_zps95012266.jpg

We were in Wal-Mart for freaking EVER. It was seriously such a long shopping trip and we were all soooo DONE with shopping by the time we got back into the car to make the two hour drive home. We got home pretty late and were feeling pretty awful about how tedious the entire shopping experience is when you’re stocking up for your new life and Wal-Mart is two hours away!!  photo 895eresized_zpse82e8543.jpg

Because it’s such a long drive it means we need to bring a cooler each time to keep the cold stuff cold on the long drive back. That’s an interesting new way to do things for us!  photo 899eresized_zpsf8aac918.jpg

Some of the thing we bought. Our food situation here looks drastically different than in Colorado. While we do have a counter (not pictured) stacked with produce we’re buying a lot of different types of food that don’t go bad as quick… basically I’m missing Sprouts and Trader Joes and organic options! haha  photo 900eresized_zpsc2578902.jpg

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