Going to the Lake!

I found out about this awesome little lake that’s pretty close to our house. We went there in the late afternoon to see if it was any good.  photo 152eresized_zps580f42ff.jpg photo 155eresized_zps922c01c5.jpg

It has been a super long time since my kids got to go swimming so they were very excited! They had the bestbest time ever. It was awesome.  photo 159eresized_zpse1d813e6.jpg photo 160eresized_zps47bc598b.jpg photo 165eresized_zps2120162e.jpg photo 192eresized_zps2c500a20.jpg photo 210eresized_zpsa62889ac.jpg photo 215eresized_zps27754964.jpg

I held Everett almost the whole time. He loved watching his siblings playing in the water. He loved watching the water, too! He was enthralled with everything basically 🙂  photo 222eresized_zpsd9189cb9.jpg photo 229eresized_zpsec354415.jpg photo 238eresized_zps9b143074.jpg photo 242eresized_zps3e4af152.jpg photo 248eresized_zps37a5376e.jpg photo 265eresized_zps6498f521.jpg photo 268eresized_zps5a60d4b5.jpg

I couldn’t find Ember’s swimming suit before we left so she was wearing Sierra’s old size 6 swimsuit top with her regular old undies! She was cute even with a thrown together swim outfit!  photo 280e2resized_zps40aacf47.jpg photo 293bwresized_zps615f70c7.jpg photo 297eresized_zps56edb8ff.jpg photo 311eresized_zps368f228f.jpg

I love being a mom… as difficult as it can be, there are just so many parts that are magical. In a few years I won’t look down and see this view:  photo 313eresized_zps3f97158c.jpg

I just love.my.kids.so.much!  photo 326eresized_zps333aba6d.jpg photo 330eresized_zps6d3f8f3d.jpg photo 332e2resized_zps32968e2a.jpg photo 342eresized_zps9102a715.jpg

Those healing hands, holding on to me. I’m so lucky to be the one he grips… just so lucky.  photo 349eresized_zpsd78f241c.jpg photo 352eresized_zps259bfa95.jpg

I tried putting Everett in his chair for a while so I could play a bit better with the other kids a few feet from him. Luckily we were basically alone at the lake so it felt safe to have him sitting right there with a perfect view of us.  photo 356eresized_zps511bc718.jpg photo 391eresized_zps82f9cfba.jpg

Having a go at sand castle building for, I think, the very first time in his life!  photo 398eresized_zps03301b48.jpg photo 410eresized_zpsb2be5fe8.jpg photo 419eresized_zps0ca5d8f5.jpg photo 428eresized_zpsfe337323.jpg

It’s getting late. It’s getting chilly. Time to go!  photo 443eeresized_zps4cfc274e.jpg photo 452eresized_zpsbaac394c.jpg

But first a snack.  photo 462eresized_zps4b79107c.jpg

I was smart and brought a gallon jug filled with tap water and a bottle of hand soap. After changing, the kids were able to fully wash their hands and enjoy their food without lake water hands! It was such a good moment hanging out by our car snacking and hanging out after such a good time swimming.  photo 466eresized_zpsae5b5f53.jpg photo 468eresized_zpse2bfce61.jpg photo 481eresized_zps97c68a84.jpg photo 490eresized_zps86674103.jpg photo 500eresized_zps8cba5d1e.jpg photo 501eresized_zpsf5de22b7.jpg

Bath time once home. I obviously didn’t photograph the older girls during their showers. haha! But these three munchkins… I don’t bathe them all together very often, usually only when I want to rush things because we get home late. But seeing them all there in the tub together is fun 🙂 (that’s not Everett’s wiener showing in the pic, btw, it’s his hand holding his wiener! haha, boys!)  photo 560bwresized_zpsb639f5ab.jpg

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