Everett’s Fingers – 4 Days After His Casts Came Off

 photo 018eresized_zps6ecf8432.jpg photo 039eresized_zpsae628f5a.jpg

They’re healing really well! Darn near perfectly healing, honestly.  photo 042eresized_zpsa2c2b889.jpg photo 047eresized_zpsdb5a7053.jpg

As the healing moves along the focus starts to fall more on the shape of his fingers rather than his scabs. I can clearly see how curved his right ring finger is. It worries me for his future… a dozen questions about what his hands will look like and work like go through my head. But all I can use for information is time… it’s a waiting game to see how those fingers will grow and develop and turn out.  photo 054eresized_zps936e74d0.jpg

I’m really happy at this point with how smooth and nicely colored his scars are!  photo 060eresized_zps61211e44.jpg

Above all else I’m so happy with how quickly Everett got back his use of his fingers. Within 24 hours he was back to grabbing and picking up and playing with his baby toys. I was worried it’d be a slower process to regain the use of his hands but nope… besides the scars and curves in his fingers you’d never guess he had surgery!  photo 067eresized_zps202551fd.jpg photo 070eresized_zpsee48a014.jpg

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