Bass Pro Shops!

We stop at the Bass Pro Shops that’s over there. Our favorite store!

Before going in I breastfeed Everett in the car while Allan goes ahead with the other kids.  photo 125e2resized_zps28bcc6f0.jpg photo 130eresized_zpsb629f67e.jpg photo 172eresized_zpsbcfe9901.jpg photo 175bwresized_zps1d0c972b.jpg photo 212eresized_zpsf5d4441a.jpg

Everett was loving the fish!  photo 215eresized_zps22c9baae.jpg photo 218eresized_zpsd5facde9.jpg photo 220eresized_zps08aa4c75.jpg photo 236eresized_zps028ac70e.jpg

This guy swam right up to us… so close his face slid along the glass wall as he passed.  photo 246eresized_zps4dc7a871.jpg photo 247eresized_zps139c4d2b.jpg

Back outside, let’s go home.  photo 254eresized_zpsb19c902f.jpg photo 256eresized_zps80ddb86d.jpg photo 272eresized_zps34065ad9.jpg

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