Back to the Lake!

We had such an amazing time at the lake last time that we just had to go again!!  photo 231eresized_zpsb04f98d0.jpg photo 239eresized_zps80f8d9e3.jpg photo 247eresized_zpsdb19d74f.jpg photo 256e2resized_zps13de5cd1.jpg

This time we went a little earlier and it was sunnier so I set up my umbrella for Everett. He loves that thing!  photo 275eresized_zpsd6838174.jpg photo 284eresized_zps31701511.jpg

I take way too many pictures when we’re at the lake. I can’t help myself, we have so much fun and we’re there for so long… I end up clicking away more than I usually do.  photo 289eresized_zps3939c6b7.jpg photo 292eresized_zpsdcb44e23.jpg photo 298eresized_zps572e6ddb.jpg photo 301eresized_zpse182a603.jpg photo 311eresized_zps452c0bbd.jpg photo 321eresized_zps8c8f2d0d.jpg photo 334eresized_zpsfd3486fb.jpg photo 337eresized_zps3bd676d5.jpg photo 338eresized_zps5d1ab7c4.jpg photo 350eresized_zps68061e64.jpg photo 354eresized_zps46e58373.jpg photo 366eresized_zps4f1611d6.jpg photo 367eresized_zpscea2b8ff.jpg photo 370eresized_zpsc49a6b93.jpg photo 373eresized_zps2bc66fe0.jpg  photo 382eresized_zps75f71115.jpg photo 384eresized_zps3821b41a.jpg photo 388eresized_zps397ac313.jpg photo 393eresized_zpsb1825852.jpg photo 395eresized_zps7feb9401.jpg photo 399eresized_zps79e63bc0.jpg photo 402eresized_zps205d58ee.jpg photo 405eresized_zpsedcb0613.jpg photo 416eresized_zps21d7fec3.jpg photo 427eresized_zpseaa62411.jpg photo 431eresized_zps331047d9.jpg photo 445eresized_zps609bf20d.jpg photo 457eresized_zps3df287e0.jpg photo 462eresized_zps8e595889.jpg photo 484eresized_zps4662016e.jpg

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