The River

Drove up, up, up the nearest mountain to find some fun.  photo 073eresized_zps3276389d.jpg

The weather was perfect, the kids were happy. Life was just about perfect.  photo 075eresized_zps3a213e3b.jpg

We didn’t expect to play in the river, we were going more for just an exploratory drive but we couldn’t resist. I told the kids to just walk in the water but not to get their clothes wet since we had nothing to dry us all off.  photo 078eresized_zpsaa63aee2.jpg photo 080eresized_zps17c87311.jpg photo 083eresized_zpsbed4d3ba.jpg

Oh and yes, my kids (mostly Brooke and Sierra) spent most of their summer in pajamas.  photo 087eresized_zps73c2ee2e.jpg photo 090eresized_zpsb7e17529.jpg photo 091eresized_zps8aeb17bf.jpg

“Quick group shot, guys!”  photo 105eresized_zps9df3989f.jpg

Oh that Ember silly. My sunshine, my joy.  photo 112eresized_zps9639ec3c.jpg photo 126eresized_zps5b6728d5.jpg photo 127e2resized_zpsad9e0723.jpg

Brooke came up with a fun game called, let your shoe float down the river reeeeeeally far until you think you can just about catch it before it floats away forever.
 photo 131eresized_zpsdb87e5bc.jpg photo 132eresized_zpsd3f60b2f.jpg
It was SO gorgeous!!! I could’ve just lived there.  photo 143eresized_zps06aeb0ff.jpg photo 152eresized_zps63ce0460.jpg

Best friends.  photo 171eresized_zpsc4329e7f.jpg

Brave girl.  photo 176eresized_zpscd7d6b8c.jpg

Another pair of best friends!  photo 180eresized_zps1d60af4b.jpg photo 191eresized_zps6affda08.jpg photo 199eresized_zpsc2d4dff3.jpg photo 208eresized_zps0997bb05.jpg photo 232eresized_zps487e2462.jpg photo 242eresized_zpsbe83a9ef.jpg

So this portable chair is the b e s t thing. Everett likes it most when it’s set up next to a river! haha  photo 248eresized_zps387e851c.jpg photo 249eresized_zps80b3935a.jpg photo 250eresized_zps2dd53b96.jpg

Woah is this a lot of photos!! I couldn’t stop clicking! And I’m not even done yet!

At one point Payson tripped and fell completely into the water. Since he was already soaked I let him practice swimming around and he was hilariously adorable while doing so.  photo 252eresized_zpsdfc51e7e.jpg photo 256eresized_zpsa4bdb518.jpg photo 271eresized_zps535b4ac9.jpg

Aah, I love my boy!!  photo 272eresized_zps135f8ccb.jpg photo 275eresized_zps82fca017.jpg

 photo 286eresized_zps433e0dd7.jpg
Baby casts.  photo 315eresized_zps36067e8c.jpg photo 322eresized_zps652b44ad.jpg photo 324eresized_zpsbdf88d5f.jpg

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