Mornings with Kids Aren’t Fun

I’m in bed and Everett is squirming and crying and whining and grabbing me. He’s doing everything he can to wake me up. He’s kept me up a lot the whole night and though it’s long before my alarm will go off I give up on sleep and sit up in bed. He sees I’m getting up and breaks out into a huge grin.

I notice Ember walking into my doorway. I outstretch my arms towards her with a big smile and say, “Good morning!”

Usually she sprints to my bed and jumps on and then comes and cuddles with us. Today she stands there just looking at me.

I motion with my outstretched arms again, “Come here! Come up here with us!”

She has her hands up by her face now and her head is drooped and she says, “I don’t think I want to.”

And being a mom for 11 years I know instantly… oh. She peed her bed.

“Did you pee your bed?”
No answer. Which is the exact answer she always gives if she pees her bed.

I get out of bed and pick up Everett. I notice he has peed through. Yay. It’ll have to wait.
I set him on my floor with some toys and take Ember to the bathroom. I turn on the faucet and start stripping her down. Her shirt is totally dry even though it goes past her bum so that’s weird. I grab her pants’ waistband and pull them down. There is no resistance which is weird. When she pees her pants (they’re leggings) it’s usually difficult to slide them off when wet.

Instead of slowly pulling off peed pants I’ve quickly pulled down pooped pants!
My mind immediately switches to pooped pants mode and I clean her up. I tell Ember to not touch anything and I take her poopy clothes to the washing machine (after dumping most of the poop in the toilet)

I never finished this post but it went like this… the toilet ends up breaking so while Ember watches I mess with it forever trying to fix it… Everett cries the whole time… we end up on time to Brooke’s school just barely that day.
It was just a stressful morning!

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