Brooklyn McKayla Turns 11!

 photo 010eresized_zps2d00dbd5.jpg

We got her pizza for dinner and while picking it up she spotted chips and vitamin water and used more of her birthday money to buy it.

And now onto the birthday celebration!  photo 011eresized_zps417726d7.jpg photo 012eresized_zps3baddb6c.jpg photo 019eresized_zps697a7ca7.jpg  photo 024eresized_zpsa72333ef.jpg  photo 027eresized_zpsa0665ad6.jpg  photo 030eresized_zps361bc9fe.jpg photo 032bwresized_zpsc19f0a39.jpg photo 037eresized_zps2a7cf01d.jpg photo 040bwresized_zps2f33270a.jpg photo 041eresized_zpse961290b.jpg photo 044eresized_zps5d89cf22.jpg photo 048eresized_zps00e2b036.jpg

So the next day Allan went to Nevada first thing in the morning and I was left with the kids. We have a tradition where we take the birthday kid to a restaurant of their choice for lunch. Typically my kids choose McDonald’s for happy meals. lol

Brooke’s favorite restaurant in Sweet Tomatoes so that’s where we went!  photo 052eresized_zpsaccb2c59.jpg photo 056eresized_zps906df4a4.jpg

Everett was in a good mood during that lunch!  photo 068bwresized_zps7614b1e0.jpg

I didn’t take many pictures because we were just enjoying our time together (and it’s crazily hectic at a buffet restaurant with five kids!) but when they were getting frozen yogurt I couldn’t resist pulling my camera out. They’re all so cute!  photo 070eresized_zps6ea8d210.jpg photo 073eresized_zps3f2237d2.jpg photo 078eresized_zps32c22e26.jpg photo 119bwresized_zps86c999b9.jpg photo 146bwresized_zps2d89fab1.jpg

I think I said, “Ember, climb down.” about fifty times during our lunch.  photo 286eresized_zpsf30b855f.jpg

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