Brooklyn’s Quickly Done Birthday Portraits

I got some good shots in that minute we spent in our front yard!  photo 004eresized_zpsd20fcb86.jpg

Brooklyn at 11 is wonderful! To watch her thoughts and actions become so mature and deep… it’s incredible raising someone from a baby up into a big kid and watching them on the brink of their teenage years… seeing them changing from child to adult.She loves all the little kid things but the older interests are seeping in. It’s a fantastic age!! I love this age where the young and older are mixed. A little girl who loves playing barbies and petshops, baby dolls and legos, but then also wants a cell phone and to download music, is reading older books and wanting to watch big kid shows…

Brooke at this age LOVES to read. She loves listening to music. She loves taking pictures and making videos… she loves being recorded whether she’s doing the recording or I am. She loves playing with toys… all the same toys she’s ever liked. She likes organizing her room and is starting to think about decorating it. She is really picky about her clothes and has a definite style. If something’s blue or green or black, that’s her favorite!
She loves animal print, zebra being her favorite. She loves black and white together.
She is VERY creative and is constantly making up songs and stories. She will write chapters and chapters in books she creates. She likes to write plays and performances to do for the family.
She loves Sierra more than almost anyone else. They are BEST friends. They get along very, very well and have a great time together. They rarely fight. Brooke loves being the leader and Sierra willingly follows along.

Brooke is doing so well academically! She is right on schedule and is above average in some areas! Her handwriting is turning out beautifully and every other subject is going well. She excels at geography and spelling. She likes science and history, too. She doesn’t hate math and English but finds them boring. Especially English. On her own she’ll write and write and write and read and read and read but give her a specific writing assignment and she really dislikes it! I think when she’s being creative in writing her mind and ideas can flow but give her an assignment and she focuses so much on getting all the writing rules right that she feels stifled in creativity!

Brooke is obsessed with music and singers. She loves knowing about the people singing the songs! I was never this way as a kid, I didn’t really care much about who was singing, I just liked listening to music. Brooke wants to know all about the musicians she listens to.

Brooke LOVES outdoor adventures. She likes hiking, fishing, camping, and just playing outside as much as possible! She talks all the time about when we can get a little land and get a bunch of farm animals (which is our goal) and how she’ll help take care of them. She’s been an animal lover and wanted a pet desperately her whole life so I really can’t wait to give her that experience!

Gosh there’s about a million more things I could share about Brooke but the rest are too personal for online!
This girl is amazing!! Happy 11 years to her! 🙂  photo 010eresized_zpsf44d2ea9.jpg photo 017eresized_zps2b58cce7.jpg photo 021eresized_zpsd5d7d23a.jpg photo 031eresized_zps01be94c0.jpg photo 036eresized_zpsfa48c4ee.jpg photo 051bwresized_zps664300f4.jpg

She loves gum!  photo 055eresized_zps8c1f67f9.jpg

Ironically the very last picture I took might be my favorite!  photo 067e2resized_zpse324277c.jpg

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