One Week After Everett’s Surgery Day!

So much happened this week! Wow. I feel exhausted and worn out!

Today Everett has been cranky. I’m going to talk about his medications for a minute…

So Everett hates taking medicine. Many of my babies has but he might be the worst. He arches his back, kicks his feet, yanks his head this way and that, cries, screams, gags and chokes and throws up… it’s really awful. It has taken me at least 10 minutes to give him his medicine each time he needs a dose this week. 4 doses a day means 24 doses so far and about 240 minutes of struggle! Is that right?! That can’t be right!! I mean, I know it’s felt like a huge burden and really time consuming but seeing it added up like that blows my mind! That’s 4 hours worth of struggling with an 8 month old to give him medicine he needs!

Anyway, it was even getting worse as the week went on. Everett would catch sight of the medicine dropper and start trying to escape me right away. lol

Today is one week since his surgery and with how he’s acting about pain I decided to try to go without giving him his motrin for the day. The last time he had it was at 2am last night. It’s now 12:30pm. He was super cranky this morning but I don’t know if that was a bit of pain or what. He fell asleep an hour ago and I’ll see how he’s acting once he wakes up. I’m not opposed to giving him more medicine if he seems like he’s in pain. Hopefully not, though. My life would be a bit easier if I could go without that huge struggle four times a day!

Once I got Everett to sleep today I went downstairs into our basement to sew a couple more cast covers out of shirts. I have two for him but they get dirty so fast! I need at least 6, I think. I have so much, SO MUCH freaking laundry- I need to have things enough to go for two days without having to wash. 6 cast covers should make it two full days. Hopefully! haha

I ended up going to Wal-Mart and buying a few $2.50 shirts to make the covers out of. I was using old sleepers but t-shirts are easier because the hem of the shirt can be used to thread the elastic through without needing to make a casing of my own for the elastic! That’s the hardest step (but not really hard, just extra time) so it’s nice to skip it. I think right now I have 5 cast covers made. I don’t feel like making more but I probably will.

Beyond all this stuff I just wanted to say, I’m really sick of his casts. They’re ruining so many things about our life right now. First of all he’s bored out of his mind not being able to use his hands. He’s fussy all day when not held because he’s just so bored! I try to give him things to hit or kick but he just doesn’t care… he wants to grab them and hold them and stick them in his mouth, not kick them or hit them with a cast. He’s not abnormally fussy, nothing like what I’ve dealt with with other kids of mine but he is fussy any single minute I’m not holding him or sitting right by him playing with him and it’s getting exhausting. I’m plum worn out, honestly.

The second issue with his casts is sleeping at night. We’ve always coslept and the weeks right before his surgery he’d gotten into the bad habit of wanting to nurse all night long while laying next to me. Since he didn’t keep me up too much while breastfeeding in bed it didn’t bother me much. But now he can’t nurse while laying next to me because his giant arm cast is in the way so I’m waking up dozens of times each night with him. I have to sit up in bed and nurse him and it’s killing my back! Our room has hard wood floors and our bed has wheels so if I lean against the wall while sitting in my bed the bed starts to slide away. This means I have to sit straight up with no back support! So… awoken out of sleep for the 10th time by a crying baby, I’m already so exhausted I feel like crying, and I have to hold him and his giant, awkward arm casts and sit straight up in bed and feed him! It really sucks.

The third reason his giant casts are bugging me is I have to keep them perfectly dry and it’s been sprinkling on and off all week here in Castle Rock! This means our outside time (which I’m desperate for) is shortened. The heat also keeps us indoors because I don’t want Everett to get all sweaty with his casts! He’s the most happy outdoors so this is all a big bummer.

There are many more reasons but I’ll just stop talking about them now. Those are the big ones. I’m so so looking forward to August 14th!! It’s going to be AWESOME having his arms free again!!

Well, I hear Everett crying in his bed so his nap was super short. It’s the first time he’s napped in three days though so even the half hour I got without holding him felt like a gift from God. I really wish this kid would just freaking nap again. I can’t handle holding him every second of every day. And night.

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