Clothes for Casts!

What in the world am I going to blog about once Everett’s casts are off?! Bwahaha, I only ever talk about or photograph things about his casts, it seems!  photo 014eresized_zps9c0bb7e1.jpg

Finding clothes was difficult for me. I wanted stuff that looked cute and could fit over his casts well. I once mentioned the difficulty to Allan and he looked at me like I was crazy and told me to just buy a bunch of giant t-shirts and tank tops. I realized that, oh yeah I could’ve gone that route! haha! But I wanted stuff that looks cute. Even though it’s “only” a month, I don’t want Everett looking like a frumpy mess! He already has these giant casts drawing attention… I don’t want him swimming in his clothes if I can avoid it 🙂

These Burt’s Bees tank top onesies fit so well! I got the size 18 months and you can see they look pretty dang good! They’re actually the easiest thing to put on him, too! They’re super stretchy and yet snap back to their original shape once on! I LOOOOOOOOVE these!  photo 017eresized_zpsea5ed2a4.jpg

We were outside in the middle of the day and yet the mosquitoes were

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