Costco Rain Storm

SO it’s sunny and hot when we leave for Costco. 15 minutes later when we arrive… full rain storm. What?! I guess I should’ve checked the weather before leaving.

The problem with rain, especially pouring rain, is keeping Everett’s casts dry as I drag the other four through the parking lot. Every single one of my kids is soooooo slooooooow. They are just dumb in parking lots so matter how many lectures I give them. At the same time, even if I could get them to hurry I wouldn’t because it’s a guarantee that at least one of them will fall. And no matter the type of fall it will be sure to result in major skinned knees. Just because that is my life.

So we get to Costco and it’s pouring outside. I have a blanket and an umbrella but these are fairly useless against rain when there’s a storm and the rain blows sideways. After some considering I decide to tie Everett’s blanket around his stroller and use the umbrella as well. We’re quite a sight walking into Costco. Inside I snap a picture before shopping.
It’s sample day and I hate sample day. My kids beg for each one and we stand there, a huge crowd of 6 people, and I don’t want to buy pretty much anything they’re offering but feel pressured to. ha

We finish shopping and go back to the car. I get Everett inside the dry (therefore safe) car as fast as possible. Everyone else gets in after. And home we go.  photo 004eresized_zps5d7709d7.jpg photo 010eresized_zpsd909111d.jpg

By the end of the trip Everett is in the front of the stroller so that the back can be used in place of a cart. We bought way more than we intended to. Darn Costco.  photo 014eresized_zpsd87b3550.jpg

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