My Gorgeous Baby

I really adore Everett. So so so much.  photo 014eresized_zps9c0bb7e1.jpg

He cries every second of the day I’m not holding him so I try to take him outside as much as possible. He’s less cranky outside. Sitting in the grass. He’s still cranky in a stroller so that’s my favorite place to put him. Problem is with all the rain Colorado is getting the mosquitoes are insane. After just a few minutes outside there were too many mosquitoes and we were forced back indoors.  photo 017eresized_zpsea5ed2a4.jpg

I’d been holding him, literally, every second of the day. It was the late afternoon by this time so I attempted to put him on the recliner while making dinner. I can watch him on the recliner from the kitchen. But after one minute he was screaming again. Back in my arms he went.  photo 030eresized_zps7451dd17.jpg photo 029eresized_zps292e6d09.jpg photo 046eresized_zpsbedf3440.jpg

Allan was in Nevada then and my life (holding Everett alllllll day on top of everything else) felt like it was falling apart. I took the kids to McDonald’s and rented a movie (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and got them food and we ate in the living room. This is as lazy as it possibly gets and thank goodness because I was seriously at the very end of my rope. A fast food dinner makes life a MILLION times more bearable.  photo 050eresized_zps6a7e25a0.jpg

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