Portable Highchair!

I’ve been wanting a portable highchair since long before Everett had surgery. We want to start going camping a lot and bringing a baby along means me standing around with a baby on my hip all day every day we’re out there! Not the most ideal!

With Everett’s surgery and how often we try to go out of the house to distract him from his boredom (he’s SO bored not being able to play with toys) I needed a chair for him to sit in. He doesn’t like strollers so I figured, maybe he’d like a highchair type chair?

So I ordered the Kelsyus Go With Me Chair from Amazon and picked it up last week.  photo 011eresized_zpsdf0a177f.jpg photo 014eresized_zps28be2c3c.jpg

Later that day at the park I got a chance to try it out. I was nervous that even though the creators’ claimed for it to be easy to set up that it wouldn’t actually be. I worried for nothing because it was literally as easy as easy can be!  photo 031eresized_zps83cb3c8c.jpg photo 030eresized_zps3b258981.jpg

Just for the record… if I ever say that Ember can’t stay away from her baby brother, and adores that boy more than almost anything, I’m not exaggerating 🙂  photo 042eresized_zpsc7c24555.jpg

This was our first time to this particular playground. It’s a lot of fun there and reasonably close to our house. Like, 7 minutes away!  photo 059eresized_zps0a3665c7.jpg photo 075eresized_zpsba5d24bb.jpg photo 078eresized_zpsbcc8f6ee.jpg photo 098eresized_zpsce91c73b.jpg photo 118eresized_zps2c3c54fb.jpg

It started raining so I spent most of the rest of the time sitting under the covered picnic area with Everett. It’s a pain having to keep his casts dry during the rainiest week of the summer! haha  photo 125bwresized_zps653d8b71.jpg photo 126bwresized_zps94cd2fbd.jpg photo 129eresized_zps5841667d.jpg

I ended up taking a few dozen pictures because I was so bored just sitting there for an hour!  photo 159eresized_zps30c8ecca.jpg photo 168bwresized_zps1928fe8e.jpg

I mean, I was enjoying hanging out with my cuddly baby but… you know, it gets boring just sitting after a while!  photo 170eresized_zps417a25db.jpg

Luckily Everett was in a good mood and giggling like crazy over the silly sounds and faces I made for him.  photo 175eresized_zps7b0596ed.jpg photo 188eresized_zpse1d99326.jpg

I keep an umbrella and a spare blanket on me at all times these days in case of rain. This is the set up I used to get Everett back to the car dry:  photo 205eresized_zps41ad0f4a.jpg

Oh and here are a few snaps of the girls before we went home. The sky was so cool and dark gray ♥  photo 211eresized_zps1da0e019.jpg photo 226eresized_zps0ea0e1d4.jpg photo 236eresized_zps14afa21a.jpg

Hi, baby!  photo 242eresized_zps7cd4fbce.jpg

I got all our stuff (and the kids) in the car and then took some pictures of the sky before heading home. It was so pretty.  photo 245eresized_zpsb9c189ff.jpg photo 250eresized_zps1a97ed19.jpg

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