A Playnest? What is That?!

A playnest. I’ve been a mom for 11 years and never heard of such a thing. And oh boy do I wish I had known about this with my other kids!! It’s pretty much the coolest and most useful baby item I’ve ever had!! I feel like I’m leaving an Amazon review (and I did leave a glowing review there, too! haha) because I adore this thing so much! I almost would have more babies just to get more use out of it! haha!! But really, I kinda do want to just use it forever!

So because of Everett’s casts his previously good job at sitting on his own disappeared. He falls over (I think purposefully half the time) every other second he’s sitting. It’s frustrating!! He doesn’t like his bumbo or his other bumbo-like chair so if he’s not sitting on his own I am holding him. That’s it. The way I found this playnest was actually kinda funny. I was searching for baby ball pit type things thinking that they’d be padded and Everett could sit inside them and it wouldn’t matter if he fell over. And he’d like it because they seemed fun.

But I couldn’t find any specifically for babies and I worried about the plastic on them… anyway… I searched inflatable baby pits and seats and this playnest popped up in one of those searches! The very second I laid my eyes on the picture I knew I was going to buy it! I clicked that image so freaking fast and my eyes got huge… a baby playnest? How is this not a thing here in America?!?! Why do other countries have the bestbestbest baby stuff?! (Side note: baby baths… in other countries baby baths in which the baby can sit up on their own but be held up are popular, why not here?!)

So in came two days later (thanks Amazon prime) and I immediately set it up and put Everett inside. I was shocked by his reaction, too! I knew he’d like it and that it’d be useful but I didn’t realize he’d be enthralled with the designs on the fabric and in love with the hanging toys! He has plenty of baby items that have dangling toys but for some odd reason he adores these hanging toys way more! He bats at them and if he falls over in there so that he’s half laying he kicks at them. It’s awesome. And honestly I’m mostly looking forward to when his casts are off because I can imagine him sitting in there playing with toys happily! I’m just so pleased with this purchase, with this find, and want to shout it from the rooftops! haha  photo 125eresized_zpsa2cd80e0.jpg photo 135eresized_zps32dbde76.jpg  photo 138eresized_zps7ab4e939.jpg photo 146eresized_zps935bdf3e.jpg photo 156eresized_zps9e3a252b.jpg photo 173eresized_zpsb9601662.jpg

The same time I bought him that playnest I bought a train set. I needed something that would entertain him without him having to do anything. He doesn’t enjoy just sitting there smacking things. I was thinking about this one night while nursing him to sleep and realized that a train would be perfect. And I was right! I wish I’d had this train since the beginning of when we came home from the hospital!  photo 195eresized_zpsac279183.jpg
I learned so much these past couple weeks, luckily I have a syndactyly blog and syndactyly facebook group me and another syndactyly mom started… hopefully these things help out future moms of babies with syndactyly! I wish I’d had more information and advice on purchases and stuff to make my life easier during all of this!

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  • Okay, the faces Everett is making in these pictures……pretty much my favorite set of baby expressions ever. LOL I had to look at them over and over again. SO CUTE!
    Also, I'm going to recommend this contraption to my brother and his wife. They're due any day now and are just building up their stash of gear. I've never seen this before either, and it looks completely genius!

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