Day 7 Post Op- One WEEK!!

It’s been a week since Everett’s surgery!! This week went better than I expected and for having surgery Everett did really well. But, it was so difficult!! I know most people think he’s been easy peasy all week because I tell anyone who asks- he’s doing really well!! But him doing really well for having surgery doesn’t mean he’s being easy! haha.

One thing that’s super annoying that I didn’t expect with casts is how scratchy they are. (I know I’ve talked about this on facebook so just ignore this repeat information but I want it all on my blog!) Everett has to have some sort of cover over the tops of his casts (by his armpits) or the inside part of his armpit/the side of his chest gets SO scratched up!! Like rubbed until there’s an actual scrape! So because I only had two covers I made and those get dirty within an hour I made four more on this day. I’m so sick of worrying about covering up his casts! This is the worst part of casts! lol

While I was sewing in our basement the little kids were drawing pictures on some white cast covers I made. They loved doing this and every time Everett wears those cast covers they run over to look at their pictures.  photo 154eresized_zps5d3355fb.jpg

My favorite pair is this striped pair made from a Wal-Mart clearance shirt:  photo 164eresized_zps303462f7.jpg photo 167eresized_zps8384030e.jpg

Though I guess I didn’t attach the elastic inside very well because one of the cover’s elastic snapped and I have to fix it. And because I have zero time these days without Everett in my arms I don’t think I’ll ever get around to it.  photo 176e2resized_zpsc8a91409.jpg photo 192eresized_zps6156e997.jpg

Later in the afternoon when it was cooling down I took the kids to the park. We’d never been there before to play but saw it once driving by and thought it looked fun!  photo 226eresized_zpsf1d449d7.jpg

This was Everett’s very first time on the swings!  photo 229eresized_zpsc7f5eacc.jpg

He was pretty much terrified at first! haha

The other kids spent the entire time calling out, “Mom push me again! Mom push me higher! Mom! Mom push me! Mom push me again!”
Good workout. Not fun. haha  photo 249eresized_zps06903269.jpg

Brooke helped push Ember a bit.  photo 262eresized_zpseb7b122c.jpg photo 268eresized_zps0055fd50.jpg

I put my umbrella in the swing with Everett to secure him in place so he wasn’t flopping over as much. This made him less scared since feeling secure is his favorite thing (he startles easily)
I pushed him VERY slowly and he started to like it!  photo 271eresized_zps902856fc.jpg photo 272bwresized_zps1186e51b.jpg

I went down the slide with Everett.  photo 283eresized_zps838a3d50.jpg photo 286eresized_zps88da2be4.jpg photo 295eresized_zpsef210388.jpg photo 298eresized_zps1708fa75.jpg

After an hour or so of some intense playing I went and sat in the grass with Everett. But that didn’t last long because there were a million bugs and I got bit by something! Stupid bugs.  photo 308eresized_zps60bd56e0.jpg

Payson was begging to push Everett around in the stroller and I happily let him. It was the first time I hadn’t held Everett all freaking day!  photo 325eresized_zps5807a100.jpg

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