Day 4 Post Op

I can’t believe it’s been four days since my baby boy’s surgery!! It’s really flown by. We’re counting down the days until August 14th, the day he gets his casts off! So excited!

My older girls go back to school August 6th (I’m homeschooling Payson this year) so I’ll only have three kids with me on the day of Everett’s follow up appointment. Allan’s going to come too, since it’s right at his lunch break and their office is minutes away from his office! Yay.

Today Everett has been, I’d say, 100% back to his old self!! He’s not frustrated by his casts anymore, he doesn’t seem to be in any pain, he’s happy and cheerful and smiles and giggles at the things he used to, he even finally pooped today! It was really stinky too, and he doesn’t usually have stinky poo. Was that from surgery or from constipation or what?! I’ll just blame it on all the weird stuff put in his body, medically, on Monday.

We went on a couple errands today and Everett had a great time. My kids were all pretty well behaved and the weather was nice. Life seems a bit like a fairytale lately.

You know, if fairytales meant doing nonstop dishes, wiping poop off other people’s bums constantly, scrubbing toilets and floors, doing laundry and cooking meals, giving timeouts and carrying kids around despite an aching back, and not sleeping very much at all… yes, if fairytales meant those things then this is a fairytale. haha  photo 018eresized_zpsb8aaa0b1.jpg

The first few times I picked Everett up it felt so strange with his casts. I felt like the casts were so heavy they were pulling on his arms and hands and stitches and skin grafts… basically I was just worried and tried to always support his arms as I lifted him super gently up.

It’s day 4 and it feels like he’s had casts forever. I’m used to them now too.  photo 037eresized_zpsdb1e2877.jpg photo 064eresized_zps58343e0c.jpg

The carseat I got him is perfect! It’s wider near the bottom than the top and there is lots of extra space where his casts fall. It’s also easy to loosen and tighten the straps. I have to loosen the straps a lot before putting him in and then tighten them back up once they’re over his casts. Then to get him out it’s the same thing… loosen the straps and take his casts out. I thought it’d be a hassle but it’s really not bad at all. He prefers his new carseat far more than his old one so he’s happier than before surgery in the car now! Crazy and such a blessing 🙂  photo 077eresized_zps36496aa2.jpg photo 094eresized_zps5e4a5d37.jpg

At Wal-Mart for some groceries. I also bought a couple $2.50 shirts to make more cast covers out of.  photo 162eresized_zpsb571b405.jpg

I sanitized the cart like I always do but it was nice to sit him in there without a cover and not worry about him touching things and sucking on things. He can’t put anything in his mouth anymore! Kinda nice side effect, honestly.  photo 167eresized_zps81050cb4.jpg photo 184e2resized_zps58f74437.jpg photo 192eresized_zps56441657.jpg

Once home and much later in the afternoon I set up his jolly jumper. I bought this on Amazon because we don’t have any doorways good enough for the regular jumpers you can buy in stores. He loves his jumper!!  photo 248eresized_zps1e49f4d8.jpg photo 264eresized_zpsee439cfc.jpg photo 281e2resized_zps326bae85.jpg photo 304eresized_zpsb5edd7be.jpg photo 313eresized_zps065de3b8.jpg

My happy baby 🙂  photo 354eresized_zps02cdad82.jpg

Sometimes when I make him smile or laugh extra big he gets shy for a second and nestles his face into my shoulder. He pauses there a second or two and then peeks back up at me for more fun and games ♥  photo 344eresized_zps86c05521.jpg photo 362eresized_zpse00f5a26.jpg

5 thoughts on “Day 4 Post Op

  • What a sweet baby boy you have!! Seriously I could just hold him and squish him and kiss him all day long! I am so glad to hear he is doing better! That was a great idea to make him those covers. Really smart Ariana!! I really miss you…………..

  • That jumper contraption is seriously cool. Wish we'd had something like that years ago when the apartment we lived in didn't have door frames!
    Everett makes me swoon. Seriously….his face and his expressions. I want to squeeze him too 😉
    Any particular reason you're homeschooling Payson? I know you like teaching the younger grades (preschool, kindergarten, etc) which I'm totally jealous of. I wish I liked it 😉 Colton is going to end up being in preschool for THREE YEARS because he'll miss the cut-off for Kindergarten by less than 2 weeks. Ugh. I have honestly considered homeschooling him for that last year of preschool (when he's 5-6) just to challenge him a little bit.

  • Well, I tried to type out a response but it got long and stupid. haha. Mostly I'm homeschooling him because I think it'll be better for him. He's far ahead academically but behind emotionally and with him at home I can encourage him in both those areas better than public school does.
    Every day of summer that passes I question my sanity about it, though. If school wasn't going from two days a week to full time I might consider sending him.

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