Day 3 Post Op

Clever title, I know 😛

Day three was so much better than day two! Everett wanted to be held a lot but he was pretty smiley and giggly most of the day. Almost back to his regular self! I debated switching him from hydrocodone to ibuprofen because he was handling pain so well. I mostly wanted to switch him over to help his constipation! He hasn’t pooped since Monday morning and here it was the end of Wednesday with a baby boy acting like he needed to poop but couldn’t. In the end I didn’t switch him because by the time I decided that yes, I do want to switch him it was the late afternoon and I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to give him motrin before bedtime in case he didn’t handle the switch well! I didn’t want to be up all night with him in pain.

During the day like I mentioned he was pretty easy but the nights are difficult. He cries and can’t be soothed much. And mostly it’s just fussing. You know when babies kinda lightly whine-cry? He’d do that and nothing I could do would stop it for a while. I don’t think it was pain because it was often in the middle of time between doses of meds but maybe discomfort from casts? Or even itchiness? I have no idea but I’d just nurse him and then rock him or hold him on my shoulder patting or rubbing his back. He liked that a lot and I could tell he was as soothed as he could be. He only had those fussy spells a few times at night for an hour or so each time. He just handled things so well this week even in his most uncomfortable times. At worst he wanted me to hold him nonstop and he’d fuss. Never even real crying and definitely not screaming or anything jarring.

Okay, onto the photos!  photo 060eresized_zps59c37afd.jpg

I think you can tell by the photos that he was a happy baby that day 🙂  photo 066eresized_zpsfd17ea13.jpg  photo 142eresized_zps303b0ba8.jpg

While I was sewing downstairs in our basement I came upon a box of clothes from when Sierra was 4-6 yo. I looked through them quickly and pulled a few things out that fit Ember now. She was over the moon excited about the new skirts. That girl loves her skirts and dresses with a passion!  photo 155eresized_zpscd5dfb7c.jpg

At one point in the afternoon despite things having gone pretty well I was feeling a bit burned out by the workload and stress of the week. Instead of turning on TV I pulled out some makeup and brought a big mirror into the front room and let the girls go crazy with makeup. It actually kept them busy for a good thirty minutes. They all looked atrocious when done but… we weren’t going anywhere so it didn’t matter.
And of course I told them they looked fantastic.  photo 161eresized_zpsefe125a0.jpg photo 168eresized_zps29ce6bc2.jpg photo 173eresized_zpsaeba9bc3.jpg photo 176eresized_zps3c849d2b.jpg photo 196eresized_zpsbebcd3de.jpg photo 205eresized_zpsc4f7b257.jpg

I want to sew a total of at least 5 cast covers for Everett since he gets them dirty constantly. While I was down there making a pair the girls decided to use all the fabric scraps to make clothes for their toys.  photo 234eresized_zps81ff97d4.jpg

New covers out of an old sleeper:  photo 249e2resized_zps5ca74c9d.jpg

Just for fun here are a couple pictures of Everett wearing the sleeper as a sleeper before I cut it up for those covers:  photo 012eresized_zpsff6967bd.jpgThat’s it from day 3!

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