Day 2 Post-Op

This day was the most difficult day of all! Everett fussed all day long. Not screaming or full on crying or anything I should really complain about but he just fussed all day long. Even a lot of times when I’d been holding him. That’s the worst is when there’s nothing you can do to make your baby happy.

But honestly it was not more difficult than any other fussy day with a baby. I really think it was either (or maybe both) his casts frustrating him a LOT or that he was (is still on day 3) so constipated from his pain medicine. He’d sometimes kinda lean forward and grunt throughout the day so I think his stomach was bothering him. And he’d try to do things with his hands and couldn’t and would cry and seem really sad about it. It was just a sad day.

I only snapped pictures a couple of times that day!  photo 021eresized_zpsb34f32cb.jpg

Bibs are crucial to catch drool and spitup or spraying breastmilk before any of it hits his casts. Allan’s hiking socks protect him and everyone who holds him from those scratchy casts!  photo 043eresized_zpsa205dee9.jpg

I counted at least 10 poke spots from when they tried to get an IV in his feet. Poor little guy! Thank goodness he was already under anesthesia when they were doing it! It took them almost a half hour from what I heard!  photo 062eresized_zpsea241c6d.jpg

His new carseat is perfect size! So easy to get him in and out and spacious enough that he can lean his head over to sleep and his arms, with casts, have plenty of space. And it was only $55 at Target. Awesome.  photo 091eresized_zpsf44e03a2.jpg

I had to do a lot of laundry even though I’d done all the laundry before going to the hospital on Monday! We generate so much dirty laundry it’s insane.  photo 097eresized_zps75895a60.jpg

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