Mt. Evans and Mt. Bierstadt Areas

I don’t know what this first place we went to was called. On the trail sign it said Pike and Arapaho National Forest… so, I guess we’ll go with that?  photo 174eresized_zpscef7b783.jpg

It was a big ordeal getting Everett set up in the carrier. My Ergo was in the dirty clothes after our last hike so I brought the Didymos wrap. I didn’t want to wear Everett on my chest for a hike since it kills my back so I asked Allan to help me set him up on my back. I haven’t used the Didymos on my back for a loooong time so I didn’t have the movements down well and needed him to support Everett as I put him on. I tried to explain to Allan how to help me but he was not getting it. In the end, as obvious from these photos, I gave up getting a good back carry going and instead put Everett on Allan.  photo 180eresized_zpsa97f4356.jpg photo 183eresized_zps9c1ae5a9.jpg

Our kids were complaining right off the bat about how hard the trail was so we promptly abandoned a hike and went and played in the creek instead.  photo 200eresized_zps8d84dc7b.jpg photo 205eresized_zpsa661cd9f.jpg photo 215eresized_zpse2b4570a.jpg photo 220eresized_zps24c68436.jpg photo 239eresized_zpse228b6b3.jpg

Laughing because her doll would pee out the water after being submerged in the creek.  photo 248eresized_zps47b6fd3b.jpg photo 251eresized_zps63717fc7.jpg photo 272eresized_zps0057a65c.jpg

The kids had all taken off their shoes to play in the water. Allan helped Ember get hers back on.  photo 294eresized_zps3de466c5.jpg photo 300eresized_zpse773c41b.jpg photo 301eresized_zps8d44355b.jpg

He helped the rest of the kids with their shoes, too. Certain older kids were crying about not knowing how to put them back on with wet feet.

We decided to drive over to Mt. Bierstadt before going home.
I’ll add here, I did not want to go to Mt. Bierstadt at this time in the slightest. I was really annoyed and wanted to go home. See, I had held Everett at the creek the entire time and my arms were killing me and I was just plain burnt out at that point. Everett is dead weight when you hold him and tries his very, very hardest to fling himself out of my arms practically every second I hold him. He just leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans back away from me as far as he can and it’s FREAKING annoying. haha

So anyway, we drive there and it’s a bit of a drive away and I’m not impressed by adventuring anymore… but then we pull up to the parking lot and my goodness!! It was so beautiful there! I felt so silly for wanting to go home (but not really, holding a squirming baby for an hour in the forest while mosquitoes feast on you is torture) and was glad we came! photo 344eresized_zpsb5366021.jpg photo 323eresized_zpsfab9545e.jpg photo 332eresized_zps2065138f.jpg photo 335eresized_zps6f57be29.jpg

I mean, adding words isn’t even necessary. We just hung out and enjoyed the gorgeousness!  photo 353eresized_zpsc719e10c.jpg photo 356eresized_zpsb94887f3.jpg photo 367eresized_zps7d64eff7.jpg photo 389eresized_zps06d22ca6.jpg

I was surprised at how many pictures I wanted to take. I love taking pictures, of course, but sometimes I just go through the motions to record my kids’ lives and am not loving the process. That day, I just wanted to capture everything! At the same time, I wanted to put my camera away (and did after the first five minutes) to just experience it. Aaah, such a wonderful time!  photo 391eresized_zpsbf4e0113.jpg photo 401eresized_zpsc0356dbe.jpg photo 404eresized_zpsc4398a87.jpg photo 433eresized_zpsa70b61a1.jpg

Oh I should say, Brooke wasn’t in those other pictures because she was staying in the car for the first ten minutes we were there. She said it was too cold to come out. She changed her mind after a while, though.  photo 434eresized_zpsa65eaf8f.jpg photo 437eresized_zps8ea8a362.jpg photo 448eresized_zps54f0d7d2.jpg

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