We waited until evening to go hike because it was hot during the day and guess what rolled in right as we arrived? A storm. A lightning storm.  photo 008eresized_zpsd88e64d5.jpg photo 013eresized_zps2b77173c.jpg photo 017eresized_zps0a5fe1aa.jpg

At first there were just dark clouds and light thunder but we didn’t see lightning. We thought maybe we could walk a little bit up the trail.
But within five minutes the lightning had started and increasing so we decided to head home. The lightning was practically right over us!  photo 026ceresized_zpsfb0630bb.jpg

The lightning got bigger so my kids took off running back to the car, scared. I was telling them to stop but also laughing at how panicked they’d become.  photo 040eresized_zpsd2f5a3e6.jpg

I bought this new Ergo on sale at Target for only $60!! Allan needed one for Ember when we go on hikes. She always cries that she’s tired and he ends up holding her in his arms!  photo 051eresized_zpsbc691b68.jpg

So then Ember, who I’d just seconds before told to stop running, had a major trip! She skid in the gravel a bit and got her arm scraped really badly. It was so, so sad 🙁
At home she screamed when I cleaned it (as quickly as I could!) before putting on bandaids. Poor girl!!  photo 067eresized_zps12f15318.jpg

I was holding her and hugging her after and telling her she was so brave!
When Allan got home later I was telling him how brave she’d been while I was cleaning her owie. I turned to her (in my arms) and said, “Right?”
Her eyes got huge and she shakes her head and says, “No, I wasn’t brave at all. I was scared and screaming!!”
lol! Which was true! haha  photo 072eresized_zps78a7b811.jpg

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