Shopping for Sunglasses!

We went on a couple errands over the weekend. We printed 450 pictures to catch up on scrapbooking and we went to a couple sports stores looking for polarized sunglasses for me.

The kids were looking forward to lunch at Costco but poor Ember missed out because she slept through the whole thing.  photo 009eresized_zps1ad77950.jpg

Everett was in a good mood that day.  photo 015eresized_zpsaf3174d1.jpg

The kids tried on a few pairs of glasses.  photo 025bwresized_zps33422894.jpg photo 039bwresized_zps1113c3cf.jpg photo 044eresized_zpsc618d941.jpg photo 044eresized_zpsc618d941.jpg

I don’t love the style of the ones I got but I love the color of the lenses and the polarizing makes everything so pretty!  photo 047eresized_zpsea23a344.jpg photo 049eresized_zps4dfde54a.jpg

We went back to Costco to pick up the photos, to get Ember pizza, and also to grab some food stuffs.  photo 052eresized_zps3f2ee93c.jpg photo 062eresized_zpse9d98c7c.jpg photo 071eresized_zps02a5f2d1.jpg

Allan wanted to hurry home and wasn’t excited about my need to capture for once Everett’s love of the Costco ceiling fans. They’re huge and ever since he was teeny tiny he’s been enamored with them! He stares and stares and smiles up at them. Bffs 😉  photo 074eresized_zpsae370050.jpg photo 093eresized_zps9b2f91c3.jpg photo 101eresized_zps8a12d399.jpg

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