Putting Together My Perfect Cloth Diaper Stash

So I ordered some more cloth diaper items on Amazon and when my goodies arrived I was super excited!! I washed the prefolds four times (once with detergent) and then went to work cloth diapering Everett!

I LOVED the Rumparooz and Blueberry covers. Such a perfect fit with prefolds. I can’t imagine using anything else!! The Econobums are just fine, too. I prefer Rumparooz and Blueberry because they have double leg gussets. If I was forced to only use Econobums it’d be fine, though. Besides the leg gussets and thicker material, the Rumparooz and Blueberry covers are a million times cuter and if you can have cute, why not go for that cute? haha

The Osocozy prefolds were much better than Gerber 6 ply. They’re more absorbent and they are wider around the waist.
But, and this is big, they were so epically long I have to fold them over like 5 inches to get them to fit Everett. So he has this massive bunch of cloth right between his thighs. On one hand it’s good for containing his heaviest pees, but on the other (more important) hand- he can’t even close his legs together in the slightest. It’s comical, kinda.

I’m currently still using Osocozy just because I ordered Green Mountain Prefolds (Cloth-Eez) to get the right fit, and some workhorse ones which are fitted, but they haven’t arrive yet!! It took forever for them to ship and then they said they were delayed (about five days) because of bad weather!! I’m pretty darn annoyed at this epic wait for these diapers but am still excited to have something that will work better. I’ll update this blog when they do arrive and I’ve had a chance to use them and if they really are a hundred times better like I’m expecting them to be!

For now my stash is working fine. Here are some photos of Everett in the cloth I’m using.
This firetruck diaper is a Rumparooz.
 photo 146eresized_zps5549ce39.jpg photo 156eresized_zps7b40118f.jpg

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