Popsicles, Books, and Webkinz

 photo 219eresized_zps1e347692.jpg photo 237eresized_zpse3e4caf3.jpg

I tried to get a minute to read my book (Insurgent) but was too busy with the kids so I set it down on the couch. I came into the room and Ember was “reading” it. She told me I could sit down and she’d read it to me. So cute.  photo 241eresized_zpscd21d25c.jpg

Allan’s mom gave Sierra $20 when she came for Sierra’s birthday. She hadn’t sent it when it actually was Sierra’s birthday since we were living in the hotel and had no address!
Sierra decided to buy webkinz from Amazon. Which meant when they arrived the girls begged and begged to be glued to the computer. ha  photo 242eresized_zps3d501b96.jpg photo 244eresized_zpsc7814492.jpg

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