Strolling into Cloth Diapering Again

After my horrible experiences cloth diapering Sierra, Payson, and Ember I was leery of entering that world again. I knew 100% that any type of all in one or pocket diapering system was OUT for me. They STINK. They require way too much special care to be usable as a mom. Ammonia smells, stains, and hanging dry everything 100% of the time?
These are the reasons why I was so anti cloth diapering for the last couple years.

But one thing I knew was… prefolds and covers work. They’re the only thing that work (in my humble opinion) and if I was going to cloth diaper that was what I was going to do.
I also know that I will never purchase any product that uses microfiber again! Microfiber is the devil! haha (it’s what retains odors and is a pain to clean!)

So I’d been wanting to switch Everett to cloth but wanted to wait until the kids were out of school so I could have less running around during the day to do. I wanted to make sure I could commit to it. If you don’t cloth diaper all the time, what’s the point? I needed to make sure I was going to at least break even with the diapers’ cost. I didn’t break even when I bought cloth for Sierra or Payson because I bought expensive diapers and didn’t use them long enough so that was a bummer. Though I did make back almost the same amount as I bought them for by selling them on ebay so altogether it was financially better… so there’s that.

Anyway, Jenna posted a picture of Asher with Carter and Bryce and I noticed he was wearing some cute gray and yellow diaper cover and told her it was cute. She replied and told me about best bottom diapers. I was immediately turned off because it’s a liner system and I hate liner systems. haha. But I was intrigued because the cover was so cute and because she liked them so much! I take people’s, especially people I know, opinions on stuff like that seriously!
Liner systems are better than all in ones and pockets (to ME) but I don’t like that they get bunched and twisted inside the cover and I also don’t like that they don’t contain breastmilk poop that well. There’s nothing to go around the baby’s thighs to hold in that runny stuff! So the cover has to catch it and then you have to wash the cover each time baby poos.

But the covers were cute and she said they wipe clean and have snaps and are a great fit! I had never heard of them and knew I wanted to cloth diaper with prefolds and would need some covers so I went ahead and bought two.
Why in the world I bought two I don’t know… I wish I’d only bought one.

So the covers came in the mail and just to dip my toes in the water I started cloth diapering Everett with Gerber 6 ply prefolds and those best bottom covers. And it was alright. The Gerber prefolds were surprisingly just fine absorbently… they just fit terribly! I couldn’t get a snappi around them well without the snappi touching Everett’s thighs unless I positioned everything just so.

The best bottom covers fit okay if I messed with them but they were too trim to work well. They are SO cute, though.
I went to Amazon and spent about ten hours researching diapers. I looked into every type of prefold and fitted and contour and liner and cover until my brain felt like it was going to explode with indecision.
But over those hours and continued usage of Gerber prefolds and best bottom covers I started to learn what I liked and wanted in a diapering system.

I like prefolds. They work so well and are so easy to clean!

Since I like prefolds, I need covers. I need roomier covers to cover bulky prefolds.

I’m super thankful to Amazon and the review system because I read through hundreds of reviews and settled on Osocozy prefolds (indian, unbleached) and one Rumparooz cover, one Blueberry cover, and one Econobum cover. I was way smarter this time and just got one of each to try out! ha

So- here are some pictures from the first day cloth diapering Everett. Gerber 6 ply prefolds and Bestbottom covers. I’ll blog in another post about when the other stuff I ordered from Amazon arrived.  photo 068eresized_zps60b6662e.jpg photo 080eresized_zpsa6783817.jpg

I’m going to throw a couple other random pictures of Everett in this post since they don’t really go with anything else and I don’t want to create separate posts for them.
Bath time:
 photo 041eresized_zpsc81e2de8.jpg

Milk time:
 photo 110eresized_zps3a95219a.jpg

Nap time:
 photo 131eresized_zps939a4016.jpg

One thought on “Strolling into Cloth Diapering Again

  • Can I say again how glad I am that you opened up your blog? 🙂 I hear you on pockets-but those are the only dang thing my hubby will use. We use organic hemp inserts which helps a lot with the stinkies-but yes, they are lots of work. Maybe I'll try prefolds and covers. I do have one Best Bottom and the cover just isn't as forgiving as my Flips. LOVE Flips. OK-back to reviewing the archives that I need to catch up on.

    Oh-I'm also trying to find all your homeschool posts for pre-schoolers. Trying to go at it myself this year for my three almost four year old and the possibilities and curriculum are endless. Ugh.

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