Payson’s 6th Birthday!!

We did our traditional McDonald’s happy meal for the birthday boy.
The older girls were being nice to him for a change, with it being his birthday and all, and he was just glowing. The funny thing about Payson is it doesn’t take much positivity to turn his entire soul around… he was sweet and loving and kept trying to share all of the happy meal things. He was passing out his fries and gave the kids his extra happy meal toys… just being a freaking angel. I was so proud of him and that he used the love he’d just been given that morning in return to fully ♥  photo 008eresized_zpsc929dd47.jpg

Because our lives have been so crazy with illnesses and the end of school I put off preparing for his birthday until the day of his birthday. haha! I had at least shopped on Amazon for his birthday presents and had all those but we needed some cake, balloons, and wrapping paper so we went to a couple stores.  photo 011eresized_zps411b42d1.jpg

Payson picked out this black bird angry birds balloon and Everett was enamored! He was reaching as far as he could to try to grab it. When we’d let him hold it (or the ribbon) he would shake it all around happily.  photo 020eresized_zps677f6534.jpg

To make things easier I bought this giant wall display on Amazon. I think it was only $4.99!  photo 146eresized_zps3de24e11.jpg photo 135eresized_zps04a23911.jpg photo 142eresized_zpsfda7a54a.jpg

Payson is super easy to shop for… but I got him some good gifts this year! I knew he’d flip over anything Angry Birds but I also got him a couple gifts that I knew he wouldn’t like the look of straight out of the wrapping paper but would probably become his favorites, and I was right! haha

One gift I got him was these circuit things off Amazon. You connect pieces in different ways and then turn a switch or push a button and a light comes on or a sound turns on or a motor! I told Brooke and Sierra, when Payson opens this he’s going to say it doesn’t look fun and he doesn’t like it, but then he’ll play with it and it’ll be his favorite!

When he opened it on his birthday he immediately pushed it aside and said, this isn’t fun. haha! The girls looked at me and giggled and said, you said he’d say that!!
But we played it later and he LOVES it. 5 stars 😉  photo 148eresized_zpsc49a2ea1.jpg photo 150eresized_zps77e79d63.jpg photo 152eresized_zpsaf49b274.jpg

I got him an Angry Birds set and then some extra bird and piggy figures. He had a blast playing that game with Allan. All the other kids were sitting around watching and we all cheered when he’d knock the birds over. After a while the other kids joined his game. It was a perfect present for his Angry Birds phase 🙂  photo 162eresized_zps14ce05a4.jpg photo 171e2resized_zps2c004766.jpg photo 172eresized_zps9c5f92ce.jpg

Everett had a good view of the game from my lap:  photo 178eresized_zpscf0f7cbf.jpg

This gluten free cake was actually delicious!! I wish I’d remember to write down the brand! Surprisingly it was a box mix I picked up at Wal-Mart!
 photo 191eresized_zps624e1efc.jpg

Payson adores having a brother.  photo 195eresized_zps99c0ba32.jpg photo 196eresized_zps122da853.jpg photo 198eresized_zpsb7871c27.jpg photo 214eresized_zps9d08b7c1.jpg

One of the smaller gifts Payson got was a pack of Super Mario wall decals. This was suuuper cheap on Amazon, too! He wanted to put them all on his wall that night and rearranged them a few times until I told him to just leave them because the stickiness would wear off!
I am really lucky with how much my kids love each other. Payson and Ember have always been best friends and so freaking loving to each other! Payson is a patient, sweet big brother and Ember loves being his little side kick. She was genuinely happy for him to have a Mario wall display and he let her put on some of the decals! My kids can be the sweetest things ever and it makes me so proud!  photo 222eresized_zps607e91c4.jpg photo 235eresized_zpsab895433.jpg photo 248eresized_zps1e113f13.jpg

That weekend Allan played Super Mario with Payson a bunch. Payson loves to play video games with family! He gets so excited when we’re sharing the experience and loves to talk about all the cool things and good moves everyone does in the game 🙂  photo 260eresized_zpsc54498ee.jpg

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