Nature Book and Sock Buns!

Two things Ember’s been obsessed with lately. Nature books and sock buns! She came across this book in our book pile and wanted me to read it to her every day. She saw a girl doing a sock bun tutorial on youtube (I was watching a video with her on my lap) and thought it was just about the best thing she’d ever seen and insisted on me doing that to her hair right away! She asked me every day after that for a sock bun and was really protective of it once it was in her hair and you could just tell she felt super fancy. She would talk about her sock bun with a giggle each time. “I have a sock in mine hair!”  photo 280eresized_zps1f1170f1.jpg photo 288eresized_zps925e204c.jpg photo 303eresized_zpsa1cc1822.jpg photo 317eresized_zps906bb4ba.jpg

Allan read to Ember this night. They were so sweet together that I took some pictures.  photo 054bwresized_zps73e4fe50.jpg photo 059eresized_zpsf1216291.jpg

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