My Favorite Whispy Toddler Hair Do

Ember’s hair is always fluffy and static-y and going everywhere. It’s always in her face. It’s a mess. haha!

I refuse to trim it (though that would solve the problem) because I love long hair on girls. So I have to come up with hairstyles that work to keep her hair controlled. Little ponies in the front of her head, of mostly her bangs, work but her hair is now so long that the ponytail hangs in her face, too! I can do braids and stuff but sometimes I get sick of that.

So I discovered this hairstyle a few years ago and used to do it on Sierra mostly. I was looking at Ember’s hair recently and thought, I bet it’s plenty long for that one twisty hairstyle!!

I had done it a couple days and Ember loved it and it kept her bangs out of her face. WIN. This day I braided the ponytail part and looped it up. When I told Ember she had a loop and showed her she was beyond excited. I was taking her loop out at night and she about broke down with sadness until I promised her I’d redo it in the morning. Cute girl!!  photo 261eresized_zps4ebe5355.jpg photo 278bwresized_zpsfee55fe5.jpg

She’s also still obsessed with wearing dresses, skirts, and anything fairy-ish. An actual fairy costume? The best in her opinion!  photo 282eresized_zpsa36e108d.jpg photo 298eresized_zps5baf1521.jpg

Fairy girl plays with baby brother’s toy, again 🙂  photo 307e2resized_zpsd6d55b9b.jpg

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