Everett in Tie Dye and Fixing My Bed for Cosleeping

All those plain white clothes, muslin blankets, and gerber diapers. Now colorful.  photo 329eresized2_zps7b98f66c.jpg

I was sick of only nursing Everett on one side most of the night (so that he could lay safely between me and Allan) so I went to work figuring out how to make my bed safe for cosleeping. With Ember we got one of those bedrails but it wasn’t very safe because Ember could roll between the bedrail and mattress easily no matter how tight we made it. We can’t roll our bed against the wall because we have wood floors and our bed wiggles around like crazy and could easy peasy move away from the wall.

So some kind of addition to the bed was needed. I’d seen some products online (and only online) that would’ve worked but they were insanely expensive!

Randomly while thinking about it one day I realized I could use a wedge pillow under the sheet to keep him safe!

A foam wedge pillow sticks to the mattress perfectly, doesn’t move at all, and the wedge part keeps him from rolling. I bought a wedge pillow at Wal-Mart for $20 and cut it in half and then cut half of one half in half. haha (that’s confusing!) I arranged two of the pieces under my sheet and voila!! It works perfectly!!  photo 360eresized_zps6e37fcfd.jpg photo 363eresized_zpsbeeb2323.jpg photo 364eresized_zpscb2e3104.jpg photo 415eresized_zps7afc088f.jpg

And another random photo included, Everett in his seat:  photo 304eresized_zpsa865fa5b.jpg

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