Everett Easton is 7 Months Old!

I would express shock at how big my baby is getting but my goodness it feels like I’ve had him forever! He’s only been a part of my life for 7 months?!

He gets better every day. I think you know when you’re done having kids because every milestone your baby hits is super exciting because life gets easier and easier. I can’t even imagine doing the newborn or young infant days again! It’s more work than you can possibly imagine before having kids!  photo 108eresized_zps6924db09.jpg

Life was fairly stressful the week he turned 7 months old so I didn’t do that great on his pictures. I did remember to take some though and that’s all that matters, right?  photo 204eeresized_zpsec79c8d1.jpg photo 241eresized_zps7832e9b2.jpg photo 242eresized_zpsae8d8c8c.jpg photo 248eresized_zps553685e4.jpg

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