Spots Update, and Fever

Everett comes down with the same fever Ember had the day before. And he explodes with spots! They’ve been fairly isolated to his thighs for the last couple of weeks but now they spread to his face, too! I worry and schedule a doctor appointment. And I also take a bunch of pictures for his scrapbook!  photo 071eresized_zps67c86a69.jpg photo 118eresized_zps98f5a399.jpg photo 121eresized_zps0a107fbe.jpg photo 124eresized_zps264655e9.jpg photo 077eresized_zpsfaa1c213.jpg photo 094eresized_zps6b692b2d.jpg photo 097eresized_zps8dcab952.jpg photo 113eresized_zps119f0d3c.jpg photo 128eresized_zps1a0e3ae3.jpg photo 139eresized_zps90fdd3e3.jpg

The kids can’t leave him alone, as soon as I let them they run to join him after his little rash photoshoot πŸ™‚  photo 157bwresized_zps86a540dc.jpg photo 165eresized_zps9659ea24.jpg photo 168eresized_zps5fb9c48a.jpg photo 173eresized_zps183c74c9.jpg photo 178eresized_zpscb13eb30.jpg

And dressed again πŸ™‚  photo 192eresized_zps9745efda.jpg

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