Costco and a Really Big Storm!

Just a normal trip to Costco:  photo 074eresized_zpse90df4c4.jpg photo 090eresized_zpscf062187.jpg

But it’s super busy in the food court area so we take our food to eat in the back of the car. We’re parked in a section of the parking lot with low traffic and with the kids all sitting together this works out really well!  photo 102eresized_zps608720d7.jpg

But as we’re eating outside we see some threatening clouds moving in and it starts to drizzle and we hear thunder starting up. Uh oh. Guess it’s time to go home!
On the way home the clouds are intense! There’s some lightning. It’s all very cool to us and not threatening enough to worry, there isn’t tons of wind or major lightning or thunder so it seems fairly harmless but really amazing to look at!

Before pulling into our garage I drive an extra circle around our neighborhood to take pictures of the clouds from inside the car when stopped at stop signs and stuff.  photo 123eresized_zps239b3a82.jpg photo 125eresized_zps2161897c.jpg photo 127eresized_zps217ad760.jpg photo 128eresized_zps654bc2ab.jpg photo 130eresized_zps62b92e97.jpg photo 133eresized_zpseed8f420.jpg photo 156eresized_zps0135076b.jpg photo 161eresized_zps171c7a24.jpg photo 163eresized_zpsc4fa4062.jpg photo 168eresized_zpsabb6ff7a.jpg

We go in the house and unpack the groceries and then my phone lets out this sharp, loud siren sound! I run over to my phone but already know… that’s got to be some kind of major storm alert… it sounds just like a storm alert would sound!
I turn my phone on and sure enough the screen has a tornado warning for our area and says to get to a basement (or the lowest level you can) for the next half hour! I FREAK out, but only inside of course. I tell the kids to go downstairs. I get a blanket for Everett and bring him downstairs. I leave him with Brooke and I rush upstairs and into my bedroom to get candles and flashlights and then grab a couple diapers and some wipes on the way out. I bring this in the kitchen and grab the entire container of batteries and bring everything downstairs. Oh and my phone. And my camera 😛

We’re all scared and I’m trying to be calm but I’m seeing visions of our house falling on top of us and me jumping over my kids to shield them with my body, if it comes to it. I try to text Allan. He’s completely not phased by a tornado warning so my inner hysteria is not eased by comforting words. ha

I wish we could turn the lights on because I think that’d help the kids’ fear but I’m worried about the lightning and blowing the lights or a tornado blowing the lights so we light the candle and have the flashlight on instead.

The kids and I say a prayer. We are more calm afterward. All but Brooke. She is panicked and wants everything to be silent so she can listen to the wind. I try to tell her that we won’t have to quietly listen for it, we’ll hear it loud and clear but she’s not convinced and angrily tells any sibling who makes a peep to BE QUIET!!!

Payson asks me a dozen times if we’re going to die. I tell him, “No, we’re not going to die. We’re safe down here!”

Here’s a picture I took, someone had just told him tornadoes could kill us :/
We said a prayer just after this and that helped Payson the most.  photo 174eresized_zps35675c87.jpg

The tornado warning had passed but we stayed downstairs a little bit extra because the sight of the toys down there had piqued the kids’ interest.  photo 182eresized_zps64ae780a.jpg photo 193eresized_zpsd9661ec9.jpg

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