To The Lake We Go

We’d gone to the lake the day before or a couple days before. We’d taken all the kids and planned on having some fun up there. But the weather turned really bad (hailed and snowed!) so we basically drove up there, looked at the lake, and drove home. haha
It was still fun but we wanted to try going again! And we chose a day where all three older kids were in school so that we could pretend we were on a date even though we had the little two!

Ember ended up whining the whole drive there (Mom can I sit on your lap? Mom, can I have mommy milky?) but was excited once we arrived. Everett wasn’t too happy in the carrier so dealing with whiny, needy children put quite the damper on our trip. But it was still loads better than staying home and still awesome being around Allan for those hours.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot we stopped at Village Inn for breakfast before going to the lake. We all three shared one meal (Ember just ate bacon I think, picky girl!) and the total, with tip, came to only $12. haha  photo 102eresized_zpsb2c3e848.jpg

Everett was happy in this high chair. I brought the cover but was nervous that Everett was going to jolt forward (he can be floppy very suddenly sometimes) and hit his head on the table. I pushed him back as much as I could without it being awkward…  photo 109eresized_zps9df5350d.jpg photo 112eresized_zps9cc8ebf3.jpg photo 113eresized_zpse040d44c.jpg photo 114eresized_zpsb2f35f27.jpg photo 122eresized_zps8ce5410c.jpg

The gorgeous view!  photo 006eresized_zps51bccd18.jpg

Daddy and son ♥  photo 009eresized_zpsf29371f8.jpg

I wore Everett three different ways on this trip to try to make him happy. He didn’t approve of any of the ways.  photo 128eresized_zpscfe0050b.jpg photo 130eresized_zps68de37c4.jpg

Ember was super whiny about food but she kept trying to give all her food to the ducks. It was adorable watching her feed the ducks and if Allan wasn’t there I would’ve just let her. Allan didn’t want to waste the food though. Always the responsible one while I’m all super happy fun time make the memories yay. :/ haha  photo 136eresized_zps603adf15.jpg

Ember was so cranky when she didn’t get her way… she wanted to stay with the ducks and feed the ducks. Also while we walked she tripped and fell (did I knock her down?) and to comfort her (because with the mood she was in she would’ve cried forEVER) I offered her mommy milky. She’d been begging for it so much that day. She’s been begging for it often a lot recently. I don’t know why. Allan’s opposed to her breastfeeding at 3 1/2 and honestly I hate doing it, it feels awful, but I can’t say no to her. It’s breastmilk, it’s comfort, it’s sweet and natural really… it’s just difficult, painful, and weird to us in our modern minds. But anyway, to calm her down I went ahead and breastfed her. And boy was she happy. [removed the boob picture!]

I took the camera from Allan and took these of him and Everett while Ember finished drinking.  photo 142eresized_zps7a5d5326.jpg

I could die from the cuteness!  photo 145eresized_zps3e354b61.jpg

I put Everett facing out in the ergo by straightening his legs. This isn’t a wearable way to carry a baby but I was just holding him in it like that. Anything to make him happier. It worked for about five minutes before I switched him back to forward facing. And then a few minutes after that I just took him out of the ergo altogether and carried him in my arms the rest of the way back to the car.  photo 150eresized_zpscbff95be.jpg photo 154ereszied_zps0349c698.jpg

The trail was snowed over and we couldn’t see it at all so we headed back after this group shot. I had set my camera on a giant boulder for these next pictures.  photo 160eresized_zpsb08effaa.jpg photo 162eresized_zpsc5513669.jpg photo 163eresized_zpsdae3d0af.jpg

The last pictures from the trip:  photo 167eresized_zps35cd494e.jpg photo 176eresized_zps5f281842.jpg photo 201eresized_zpse5e12a41.jpg photo 216eresized_zpscf7504bb.jpg photo 222eresized_zpsb05835d5.jpg photo 228eresized_zps3105d586.jpg

Thoroughly coating her lips in chapstick before driving back to pick the kids up from school.  photo 243eresized_zps168571d1.jpg

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