Summer Fun with Payson and Ember!

Playing with their squirter bottles! (These are as cheap as, and work better than, squirt guns!!)  photo 181eresized_zpsae104883.jpg

If you were a bug on our patio that day you got drenched.  photo 187eresized_zps02be1be6.jpg

We had water fights. Mommy is the best 😉  photo 197eresized_zps6071215a.jpg

We colored a lot with chalk.  photo 198eresized_zpsd5fc0c6e.jpg

Payson and Ember looked so cute I could just squeeze them to pieces!  photo 216eresized_zps7698cdab.jpg

Payson waited patiently while I set up some people to shoot down and then took a picture, too.  photo 219eresized_zps51289251.jpg

But Ember just started squirting away so then I told Payson he could start, too!  photo 223eresized_zps527cbe86.jpg photo 234eresized_zps800ac025.jpg

It was a very fun afternoon 🙂  photo 238eresized_zps493c0ff4.jpg

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