Not So Summery Weather in the Summer

As soon as the weather here in Colorado turned the least bit mild (and even before really) my kids started playing outside as much as possible. Some days in May had been really lovely. Some not so much! This day started off beautiful so the kids all went outside for some fun. But some pretty major weather rolled in and despite trying to stay outside anyway eventually I made them come inside when the lightning got too crazy!  photo 152eresized_zps2706b37b.jpg

Before things got bad, when there was just a little rain, Brooke got ice cream from the ice cream truck with money Bella gave her! It didn’t seem fair to my other kids so I got ice cream for the other kids, too. Here is Ember paying for hers.  photo 157eresized_zpsbfaddd19.jpg photo 158eresized_zps427ceef3.jpg

With all the choices I was surprised she picked Spongebob. I mean, I know she likes Spongebob but there were purple choices (her fave color) and some other really fun ones. Spongebob was really fun, though! Especially those gumball eyes!  photo 165eresized_zpseabe3748.jpg

Originally we didn’t think the ice cream man would come back around because it was starting to storm so I gave Sierra an ice cream sandwich from the freezer. When he did come back around and I bought Ember her treat Sierra didn’t mope about it at all. Such a good girl 🙂  photo 168eresized_zps13383047.jpg

She had a huge mess going there with the melty ice cream sandwich. I “made” the girls pose with their ice creams before I went back inside with Ember. I wanted to get Bella in the shot but I think she was feeling shy that day so I didn’t ask 🙂  photo 172eresized_zpsf556d230.jpg photo 176eresized_zps247b0200.jpg photo 181eresized_zpsbe66a064.jpg photo 187eresized_zpsb1fd0954.jpg

It started hailing!  photo 190eresized_zps7c410735.jpg

Oh man do I love rain and stormy skies!  photo 195eresized_zps96d7b4e0.jpg
PS: Payson got a fruity popsicle. I just didn’t photograph him because he devoured it quickly before I could get a shot 🙂

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