New Rainbow Shoes for All!

I got the girls rainbow shoes for summer. Because rainbow is fun!  photo 277eresized_zps7975b6b5.jpg photo 284eresized_zpse9353744.jpg

Brooke also got these pretty sandals:  photo 256eresized_zpsbbd2c6b5.jpg

Sierra’s shoes have heels. Of course.  photo 254eresized_zpsfea7b7fe.jpg

Posing is fun.  photo 265eresized_zpsdb98b29a.jpg photo 266eresized_zps72291e8c.jpg

Other random shots I took while I was out there with the kids.  photo 285eresized_zpsa1ab6e59.jpg

Everett was enjoying the nice weather, too.  photo 293eresized_zpsb522667d.jpg photo 302eresized_zpscb667ce3.jpg photo 308eresized_zps4216b400.jpg

Allan was mowing the lawn. I’m so grateful that he does that. I would loathe doing that chore!  photo 310eresized_zps23ad784f.jpg

Payson loves this “sand” box in the yard.  photo 314eresized_zpse46e6e44.jpg

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