Going to the Pediatrician for those Spots!!

Everett still has his spots. Usually viral rashes don’t concern me (Ember had dozens over her life so far) but every day more appear! Is that normal? I didn’t know so I brought Everett in to ask about it!

In the waiting room.  photo 336eresized_zps32fa2acb.jpg

Waiting in the exam room. (Everett was 16 lbs. 2 oz.)  photo 341eresized_zps18c70224.jpg photo syndactylytype3_zps17cc9cd8.jpg photo 344eresized_zps53b319d4.jpg

Group shot. And Everett grabs my face. Like he does a hundred times a day!  photo 370eresized_zps59937af6.jpg

His doctor took one look in his right ear and said he had a bad ear infection and prescribed Everett amoxicillin. Usually I don’t treat my kids for ear infections… I let them run their course. But with a baby who is fairly easy going even when in pain (I didn’t know he had an ear infection at all!) I wouldn’t know if it was getting much worse until it was risky so I went ahead and started him on antibiotics that day.
We waited in Walgreen’s in the toy section for the prescription to be filled.  photo 374eresized_zps8b213167.jpg

Everett was asleep.  photo 377eresized_zpsa48ba4b4.jpg

He woke up, though.  photo 381eresized_zpsa55b0ab9.jpg photo blog07_zps9b7473bf.jpg

His first dose of antibiotics didn’t go well. haha! I thought I’d do it so well having had children and babies for almost 11 years. Nope. He spit out pretty much every drop. I gave him another dose with him laying flat on my lap so the medicine had gravity helping. I’d put the syringe in the side of his mouth and sloooooowly press the liquid into his mouth.
I remembered to take a picture of the first dose, the spilled dose, before cleaning him off and trying again though!  photo 384eresized_zps4fb8a96a.jpg photo 391eresized_zpsbfe365fd.jpg

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