Getting Ready, Bathing, and Hanging Out in the Bathroom!

It sounds weird but we have a decent time in my bathroom sometimes. haha  photo 254eresized_zps01d24184.jpg photo 264eresized_zps9a39b9e5.jpg photo 266eresized_zps53bc87d5.jpg

So I tried out sock curls on Ember and gave Payson a haircut. While Ember’s curls dried Payson sat in the tub. And Everett was happy in his bouncy chair as long as we were all around him.  photo 276eresized_zps19cdfab9.jpg photo 303eresized_zpsccd76dd2.jpg photo 306eresized_zpsc6987a8a.jpg photo 311eresized_zps3658ee80.jpg  photo 326eresized_zps0f87265f.jpg

We were all laughing and goofing around and in the midst of being silly Ember decided to kiss her foot.

So next time I’ll do the curls on damp hair right before bed and let them sit all night while she sleeps. I could only get her to leave them in for about thirty minutes that day and though it worked alright the curls weren’t tight enough and fell out after a couple hours. She was excited about it all anyway 🙂  photo 357eresized_zpsbdb9515b.jpg photo 358eresized_zps7ac329c8.jpg photo 391eresized_zps15ea88a6.jpg

And my handsome son and his new haircut!  photo 365eresized_zps3056013c.jpg photo 369eresized_zps3cb03b7a.jpg photo 371eresized_zps0354f09d.jpg photo 372eresized_zps5c7f384f.jpg

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