Everett in his High Chair, Kids in their Rooms

Everett is so dang cute in his high chair!  photo 209eresized_zpsc9ad5167.jpg

Syndactyly!  photo syndactyly_type_3_b_zps865d1ddb.jpg photo 227eresized_zpsa5780f9a.jpg

Oh yeah! This was the first time we tried to give him baby food! The kids picked bananas and we filmed this rather than photographed it. He did not want that baby food! Such a funny video. He’d tried some watermelon, real watermelon- not pureed, the day before and loved it but baby food on a spoon? Nope!  photo 234eresized_zpsc699ae53.jpg photo 236eresized_zps5136880f.jpg

I randomly went in Sierra’s and Payson’s rooms to snap a picture of them. For no reason 🙂  photo 244eresized_zps42d03363.jpg

They had just cleaned their rooms recently and Sierra was making her bed. Cuties!  photo 246eresized_zpsf4b1c7e6.jpg photo 247eresized_zps6059625c.jpg

Poor Payson needs some pictures and art on his walls!! I just haven’t yet because up until a couple months ago he was super destructive and would’ve just ripped them down and ruined them. He’s through that phase though so I should hang stuff up!  photo 251eresized_zps6f8decb8.jpg

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