Driving to Meet Daddy

It’s lovely to be so close to Allan’s work. On days when all three older kids are in school (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) I can go meet up with Allan with only the littlest two and have a fun little lunch.
This day Ember fell asleep on the drive there. She was excited to see daddy and get lunch. While she was asleep I picked up Allan and he thought it’d be fun to go to a nearby park. Ember woke up when we stopped at the park and was surprised and very excited about this!  photo 102eresized_zpsd49ac933.jpg photo 103eresized_zpsea1dd407.jpg photo 107eresized_zps20912c56.jpg photo 110eresized_zpsa553fb88.jpg

When we first arrived at the park there were a bunch of kids and a teacher from a nearby school playing there. Luckily they left mere minutes after we got there and we had the whole place to ourselves!  photo 114eresized_zps632bdcfe.jpg photo 119eresized_zps18618ff0.jpg

I got Ember some Chik-Fil-A after dropping Allan back off at work. We then went to Hobby Lobby to look at Project Life stuff. I put Ember’s apple juice nestled into the cart so that it wouldn’t spill. I didn’t mean for her to have to bend over to drink it but that’s exactly what she did when she got thirsty! Silly, cute girl!  photo 122eresized_zps3c046666.jpg

I told her she could hold it and I helped her get it out of its little nesting spot.  photo 145eresized_zpsc24787db.jpg

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