Dominoes Pizza Delivery!

So Allan went fishing with Kevin. And I wanted a coke but didn’t have any. Allan took the Seqoia with Everett’s carseat in it (he usually leaves it so I can take it in his car if needed) and I was desperate. How to get a coke when you can’t leave the house?!
Oh! I know! Delivery pizza and order a coke, too! Yaaaaay!! And that’s exactly what happened.  photo 257eresized_zpsedacf741.jpg photo 259eresized_zps762d5c30.jpg

And also from that day: My visiting teacher came over and brought us a fun summer goody box. So sweet!  photo 264eresized_zpsc7713216.jpg

Also: This is Everett on the recliner.  photo 273eresized_zps99dc3abd.jpg

And here is Ember in the yard:  photo 299eresized_zps6e9fedb2.jpg photo 308eresized_zpsefd1997f.jpg photo 310eresized_zps4848e3ae.jpg

And lastly, me wearing my baby boy. The moby wrap is his favorite carrier to be worn in. Well, maybe tied with the maya sling.  photo 315eresized_zpsd875c52a.jpg photo 321eresized_zps823d7ae3.jpg photo 320eresized_zps7fe77eca.jpg

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