Brooklyn’s Rendezvous Project!

Brooklyn’s big project at the end of the year was to make a presentation about an event in Colorado’s history. They had a list to choose from and Brooke chose the rendezvous. I’d never even heard about it before though it was such a big thing in the early 1800s! She taught me a lot about it.

I was stressed out of my mind the week she was making her project from other things going on but decided to help her out a lot anyway. I spent quite a few hours and even more dollars on this presentation and diagram with her but it was worth it because she was so proud.
I wish I could have given her more attention about the finished product but sadly I wasn’t as involved or attentive as I should’ve been. It’s a busy, chaotic time in our lives and I suck at giving quality attention to the older kids when the little kids are stressing me out. I need to work on that a lot!  photo 049eresized_zps89713e3a.jpg

I randomly remembered to take a couple of snaps of the work in progress diagram and I’m glad I did because it’s fun to look back now on the process!  photo 051eresized_zpse17dcda7.jpg

The finished product!
 photo blog05_zps4e792ac5.jpg

Honestly I’m so proud of Brooke and how seriously she took her project!! I need to bring it up again tomorrow and tell her about how proud I am and maybe even let her present it again. She had wanted me to buy candy for her to pass out to her classmates when they answered questions right at the end of the presentation and I never remembered to buy candy. Maybe I’ll give her some to pass out to her siblings when they answer the questions!  photo blog06_zps2f0faa3e.jpg photo 077eresized_zpsde710c82.jpg

I’m making myself sound like a much worse mother than I am about this! haha. I was involved and gave her attention. It’s just as a mother of five and having your attention pulled in that many directions, it feels like far less than I would like to give!  photo 079eresized_zps9ba3ce52.jpg

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