Brooke had been begging me for bangs. I didn’t want to cut bangs because it’s too easy to screw up and because I was super worried she wouldn’t like them!
I finally agreed to give them to her and when Sierra heard she insisted on bangs, too. I asked them a dozen times if they were sure. They kept insisting so… we cut some bangs!
(All the cool kids call bangs ‘fringe’ now but they’ll forever be bangs to me)

Before!  photo 330eresized_zps3fadc7a4.jpg photo 331eresized_zps71084dd3.jpg photo 332eresized_zps9dbede14.jpg photo 334eresized_zps34fa9281.jpg

After!  photo 335eresized_zpsbd164f6b.jpg photo 337eresized_zps91dce758.jpg photo 338eresized_zps1f47e969.jpg

So just after I cut them Brooke was devastated and hated them and would barely look at herself in the mirror.
Sierra was in love with her bangs and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.

A few weeks later and both girls love their bangs 🙂

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