Making Mother’s Day Posters

I don’t know why I decided to have the kids make Mother’s Day posters for my mom and Allan’s mom. I guess I thought it would make a big impact?
So I had to buy poster paper anyway for Payson’s end of the year poster and figured… buy and make a couple more for Mother’s Day!
I spent forever separating the foam stickers into four piles. Each pile with the exact same amount and type of stickers to prevent fighting amongst my kids. Then while the older three were at school I had Ember do her part. I didn’t want them all working on it together because… fighting.
Ember was far more interesting in playing with the stickers than using them on the poster. In hindsight I should’ve just not done anything more than given our moms a gift card and had the kids sign a card. This was all too much trouble for little outcome! haha
Ember was mostly playing that certain flower stickers were babies and others were mommies. She did it with the butterfly stickers later, too. She’s so freaking cute!  photo 179eresized_zps4feb1b14.jpg photo 182eresized_zps603fa759.jpg photo 185eresized_zps7b854932.jpg

For her scrapbook I put a bunch of these pictures onto one 4×6 storyboard because I couldn’t narrow them down. I like them all :/  photo 200eresized_zpsc6fad08a.jpg photo 207eresized_zps85d969c7.jpg photo 218eresized_zpsf32db890.jpg photo 223eresized_zps70ed23c1.jpg photo 224eresized_zpsec630b18.jpg

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