Kids and the iPod

I downloaded Angry Birds and Sonic for Payson to play. He’s been really into the Angry Birds toys and books and games around lately and asked for an Angry Birds birthday. I didn’t think it was right to give him a birthday and toys of something he’s never had a chance to play! So I downloaded it and he started playing it and fell even more in love with Angry Birds than he already was 🙂  photo 311eresized_zps0b82ed1c.jpg

Luckily Payson and Ember don’t fight too much over the iPod. I make them take turns and they’re easygoing about it. Whew.  photo 316eresized_zps870915a1.jpg

This was Ember’s first time playing Angry Birds and though she didn’t do well at all (hee) Payson was being so supportive and making her feel so good about her efforts ♥  photo 327eresized_zps0e3f27c5.jpg photo 333eresized_zps79751e15.jpg

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