Chik-Fil-A with Three of My Babies

Sierra was home sick from school. Brooke and Payson were in school. I took Sierra, Ember, and Everett to Chik-Fil-A for lunch and we had a good time 🙂  photo 254eresized_zpsfaee66c0.jpg

One employee gave the girls some hats.  photo 259eresized_zpsd83c1c33.jpg photo 261eresized_zpsdbbb765d.jpg

Everett was really cuddly that day and kept just laying against me as I held him. It was the sweetest ♥  photo 264eresized_zps2e75bc63.jpg

Wearing his sister’s hat 🙂  photo 274eresized_zpsa1493b11.jpg photo 278eresized_zps25e7cdfb.jpg

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