Brooke’s Fun Run

Brooke had her fun run and I decided to go. I really hate going to school events for the most part. I love going to school events and experiencing them, being with my school aged kids and watching the fun. I just don’t like doing it with a baby. I’m excited that next year Everett will be older and it’ll be easier. But then again, harder for some reasons.

We got there early and had to wait a while before Brooke’s class came out. When Brooke and Ember saw each other there was a pretty darn cute reunion.  photo 256eresized_zpsc2dff154.jpg

Brooke sat in line with her class. She’s in the back.  photo 263eresized_zps58f4d3bd.jpg

Here she is being adorable!  photo 268eresized_zps43583be0.jpg photo 276eresized_zps4e006082.jpg photo 280eresized_zps6c0c0d3d.jpg photo 289eresized_zps4005840b.jpg

Posing for a picture with her friends. And thanks to the mom who took this picture from the other side I have a copy of their faces! haha!  photo 292eresized_zps79394ee7.jpg

I thought this next part looked so fun!  photo 297eresized_zps213f9374.jpg  photo 302eresized_zpsf68d86f5.jpg photo 305eresized_zps1f62a3fb.jpg photo 312eresized_zpsf318cc21.jpg

Ember and I were watching from the sidewalk as they finished the last lap.  photo 321eresized_zps7ab03040.jpg

When they lined back up with their classes I let Ember go sit in the field with Brooke. She freaking loved it and so did Brooke! ♥  photo 330eresized_zps22173bdd.jpg photo blog08_zpse0763ff2.jpgI didn’t go to the other kids’ fun runs even though I wanted to. It was just too much with Everett in tow.
I did ask about their experience and also about how many laps they did: Brooke did 7 laps.
Sierra did 10.
Payson did 5.

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