Target for Teacher Gifts!

I took the three youngest kids to Target to pick up some little end-of-the-year teacher gifts. We went with cute little buckets with some candy and a gift card. Easy.

I also got Payson some new sandals since he needed some.  photo 530eresized_zps7c036fb5.jpg photo 532eresized_zpsa7a42269.jpg photo 538eresized_zps867e8783.jpg

So before I settled on just getting candy and gift cards for the kids’ teachers I was looking for a gift to be more personal. I couldn’t find anything I liked and asked Payson what he thought we should get his teacher. What does she like? I asked. He spots some rubber bands and says, “My teacher has rubber bands, she likes these!”  photo 546eresized_zps7a6560db.jpg

I took pictures of the kids to include in the teacher gifts. I took one of them smiling and one of them holding a paper and printed both. I wanted to have them write something with permanent marker on the white space but in the end we ran out of time and I just included the picture of them smiling. Except I think I accidentally maybe used the one of them holding the white paper and just left them blank. Embarrassing and weird. Oops. haha  photo 591eresized_zps6520d785.jpg photo 559eresized_zpsc9dfe3bc.jpg photo 580eresized_zpse427c30a.jpg

Ember was really excited about getting her picture taken with the paper. How could I say no?  photo 584eresized_zps669e4fc3.jpg

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