Hiking on Mt. Herman!

 photo 352eresized_zpsf456e62e.jpg photo 355eresized_zps7f6176dc.jpg photo 358eresized_zps5a0d8679.jpg

So Allan found this Mt. Herman online. The drive up there freaked me the heck out. I have no idea why since I’ve never been scared of mountain drives with steep drop offs before! But once up at the trail head I was blown away but how freaking pretty it was. I could’ve lived up there.

I was feeling dead tired that day and mostly had wanted to stay home and sleep but I was glad to be out in the open air.
We started hiking and I was just so tired. Weirdly tired since I was gradually recovering from the flu. I figured it must’ve been from not exercising regularly. Plain old out of shape?
The further we went, though, the better I felt! I enjoyed the trip. The kids did, too. Even though they complained a bunch (and one kid more than others) they loved it and I’m sure will have only good memories of it!  photo 366eresized_zps9f47afae.jpg photo 371eresized_zps5baa0515.jpg photo 375eresized_zps5542b452.jpg photo 376eresized_zps3108c5b8.jpg photo 378eresized_zps7c23b3aa.jpg photo 382eresized_zpsf5adf25f.jpg

Ember always wants to be held during these hikes. With me carrying Everett Allan gets stuck with that burden. I don’t know how he does it seemingly so happily.  photo 383eresized_zps4983e3d8.jpg photo 390eresized_zpsf50b7266.jpg

Everett was not happy being in a carrier, like usual. He was happy when I stopped and goofed off and made silly sounds (probably buzzing as that’s his favorite lately) at him.  photo 397eresized_zpscf455255.jpg photo 403eresized_zps7b0153b0.jpg photo 406eresized_zps8cc1b7cc.jpg photo 412eresized_zpsbe492e11.jpg photo 413e2resized_zpsb46f878e.jpg

We climbed on this cool, giant rock. Boulder. Thing.  photo 426eresized_zps2cd2cd32.jpg photo 428ee2resized_zps98106f06.jpg photo 430eresized_zps56024c4c.jpg

At one point Allan was helping Payson go potty off in the bushes so I snapped some pictures of the other kids.  photo 442eresized_zps1c3d368a.jpg photo 448eeresized_zps89c5670b.jpg

When Allan came back I asked him if he could help me get a picture of Everett on this log. Allan likes to just hike hike hike and not stop and look around so I knew he was feeling antsy to just start powering up the mountain. But I like to take pictures… I could just take like ten hours hiking- stopping every two feet to snap photos. I try to compromise by not stopping as often as I am inclined to but I know the stops we make are still too many for Allan’s liking.  photo 459eresized_zps5c7af8cc.jpg photo 475eresized_zps3bd02898.jpg

But look at the cute pictures of my kids I got. Worth it?  photo 480eresized_zpsb065266d.jpg photo 486e2resized_zpsa94607bb.jpg

On the way back.  photo 036eresized_zps2aea4d8e.jpg

Everett was super fussy on the hike back down. I finally just went ahead and breastfed him as I walked the last bit of trail.  photo 040eresized_zps210eac7b.jpg photo 043eresized_zps73136e3c.jpg

I had Allan stop once on the drive back so I could snap a picture of the scary drive.  photo 512eresized_zps0581d786.jpg

Brooke was watching the views out the window as we drove home.  photo 508eresized_zps4e567a1b.jpg


Brooke had been begging me for bangs. I didn’t want to cut bangs because it’s too easy to screw up and because I was super worried she wouldn’t like them!
I finally agreed to give them to her and when Sierra heard she insisted on bangs, too. I asked them a dozen times if they were sure. They kept insisting so… we cut some bangs!
(All the cool kids call bangs ‘fringe’ now but they’ll forever be bangs to me)

Before!  photo 330eresized_zps3fadc7a4.jpg photo 331eresized_zps71084dd3.jpg photo 332eresized_zps9dbede14.jpg photo 334eresized_zps34fa9281.jpg

After!  photo 335eresized_zpsbd164f6b.jpg photo 337eresized_zps91dce758.jpg photo 338eresized_zps1f47e969.jpg

So just after I cut them Brooke was devastated and hated them and would barely look at herself in the mirror.
Sierra was in love with her bangs and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.

A few weeks later and both girls love their bangs 🙂

Dominoes Pizza Delivery!

So Allan went fishing with Kevin. And I wanted a coke but didn’t have any. Allan took the Seqoia with Everett’s carseat in it (he usually leaves it so I can take it in his car if needed) and I was desperate. How to get a coke when you can’t leave the house?!
Oh! I know! Delivery pizza and order a coke, too! Yaaaaay!! And that’s exactly what happened.  photo 257eresized_zpsedacf741.jpg photo 259eresized_zps762d5c30.jpg

And also from that day: My visiting teacher came over and brought us a fun summer goody box. So sweet!  photo 264eresized_zpsc7713216.jpg

Also: This is Everett on the recliner.  photo 273eresized_zps99dc3abd.jpg

And here is Ember in the yard:  photo 299eresized_zps6e9fedb2.jpg photo 308eresized_zpsefd1997f.jpg photo 310eresized_zps4848e3ae.jpg

And lastly, me wearing my baby boy. The moby wrap is his favorite carrier to be worn in. Well, maybe tied with the maya sling.  photo 315eresized_zpsd875c52a.jpg photo 321eresized_zps823d7ae3.jpg photo 320eresized_zps7fe77eca.jpg

Two in the Bed

 photo 202eresized_zpsb75aa2b1.jpg

These two are always in my bed. Everett cosleeps a good amount of the time. Ember crawls into my bed at night sometimes but mostly in the morning. In the mornings she comes in and crawls into bed with me and Everett and the three of us hang out, cuddling, making each other smile and laugh… bonding and having the very best time.  photo 226eresized_zpsca192499.jpg photo 228e3resized_zpsc8a29799.jpg photo 233eresized_zps2266df20.jpg

And now that it’s summer break we sometimes get an extra buddy to come join our fun 🙂  photo 245eresized_zpsacd0174d.jpg


I gave Ember a little baggy of vanilla wafers to eat. She’d just gone potty and her skirt was tucked into her undies. I spotted this sight and about died of how cute is all looked. Unposed… took the picture. Nailed it. So so cute!  photo 157eresized_zps407f9da3.jpg photo 158eresized_zps96e11562.jpg

Brooke picking flowers in the yard. I don’t really mind. I’m not a flower person, really.  photo 170eeresized_zps8ae07ee6.jpg

Chalk forever. All summer.  photo 178eresized_zps2196c76d.jpg photo 186eresized_zps97416947.jpg photo 193eresized_zps87a9e8d1.jpg